Egypt Buried My Dreams

Writer Alith Cyer Mayar/PHOTO: FBWriter Alith Cyer Mayar/PHOTO: FB

Writer: Alith Cyer Mayar

South Sudanese live in conflicts that are manifested by the civil war and of course racism in Egypt by some Egyptians that are painting Egypt with tears and blood.

The majority of our citizens in Egypt are said to be stabbed on the streets, thrown from the top floors, others committing suicide and some are deported.
Also said to suffer from organ transplants, personal documents taken, sex exploitation, chains of thugs, gang groups, murder, this is all because of the instability caused by the war in their own country.

South Sudanese flee from unknown gunmen and some rebellious attacks for a better environment to their surprise is a social war in other countries.

Dear young people in Egypt, live a dignified life so that you are respected, overcome the drugs and over-drinking as you practice tolerance, and focus on your studies.

Our government should implement the peace agreement to allocate a greater percentage of the National Budget on Education, Health sector, Security and of course food security because these are cores of National Security.

The people who had been living in Egypt since Sudan Civil War and those who have no mission in Egypt does the government have plans for them?

Even when the government tries to bring positive peace to South Sudan we need institutions that protect our citizens even if they are in a foreign country, UNHCR and Embassies need to look into these issues.

Egyptians need to bring the perpetrators to justice, teach their generations about Humanity, how to be human and the disadvantages of Racism, Egyptians could also pay a study visit to Rwanda because Egyptians are killing the beauty of Egypt.

Most Egyptians are not exposed and they don’t see beyond their areas but it’s the work of the Artists, the Academia community, and their civil society to expose them to the other side of the world. Tell them about the canals and dams and the fact that we need each other.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Our States Men and Women, Diplomats, Ambassadors and Embassies why the silence?
Dear South Sudan Diplomats what do you share with the president of Egypt and the South Sudan president who sent you on a mission? add on your efforts, we are not seeing.

If scholarships to Egypt want to kill us, then let our children come back to Juba University.

Egypt should echo back to South Sudanese the Diplomatic ties or relations that they expect

Dear Egyptian Government, Development is People, develop the minds and hearts of your people because our lives and skin colors matter!



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