Author: By: Garang Paul Malong Awan.Author: By: Garang Paul Malong Awan.

By: Garang Paul Malong Awan.

Mr. Governor Tong Akeen, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the name of our country, South Sudan and in the name of Awiel! I hope this letter will find you well? However, I will like to address you at your capacity as the leader currently taking care of lives and properties within the territory of Northern Bahr El Ghazal. Mr. Governor as you are task to protect lives and make the best decisions on what may afflict people’s lives in Awiel, I have heard some facts that will remain in your records and later could hurt your old age if that decision is made without public opinion and involvement of elites and intellectuals. For coercing aging mothers and fathers to your best interest of forceful Corona vaccination is not of any help to them, rather, you are ruining the community. I heard that COVID-19’s vaccine is a compulsory to all the people, and that moving from one town to another without the Corona-vaccine’s certificate is a crime. On the other hand,  anyone who found going to the market without the certificate is return home to starve to death without access to services and free movement.

Mr. Governor, as you and I know very well that, in some African countries, vaccination is not force on people. It’s a personal choice. And South Sudan, Awiel in particular shouldn’t be the only one to implement the world’s policy to an extent of hindering people’s movement or buying items in the markets from the market. Even in the European countries, some people have not been vaccinated for the best reasons known to them. Therefore, stop the security personnels in Awiel East, and all other counties where vaccine is being force on our mothers and fathers in the name of protecting Corona-virus infection. Don’t you know that, even those who received their two jabs of Vaccine are still contracting the virus? Why are you forcing people into something that is not well verified? Aren’t you aware that, there are a number of death in the world that came about when people got vaccinated? Who will be responsible if our mothers and fathers die as a result of forceful vaccination?

In Juba where president of the country and his five Vice presidents live, a good number of people forget about the existence of Corona-virus. Let alone vaccination. Why are you implementing the world’s policy when the head of state is not even bothering himself? Are you telling the people of Awiel that you know better than what the President and Five Vice Presidents know? Are you aware that, other states in South Sudan haven’t received the vaccine,  and do you know why? However, Mr. Governor, I wish you understand what is behind the world’s policy toward forceful vaccination. And this is the very reason as to why you don’t need to execute the policy that even the president of the country is not taking much effort about. What you should be doing now is to advise the masses to take precautions against the Virus rather than taking vaccine that we don’t know its source.

Mr. Governor, it’s apparent that the world is hit hard by this pandemic and it’s your duty as the governor to take care of your people in whatever mean possible but how will you convinced the entire population that you’re doing the right thing for them when your security personnel are on people’s throats in the name of preventing the virus from attacking? If the government officials in both states and central government didn’t take the vaccine, how will the people believe that the vaccine is indeed something that could prevent the virus? However, this shows that you’re not in the right track and that you’re implementing something that will later cause death to many people. For according to scientists, the real and effective vaccine for Covid-19 is supposed to come in 2023 and you can also understand that, thousands of people who are vaccinated more than two times are still getting virus. And this is the reason why you don’t deserve to vaccinate hapless people, for the fact that you’re not even sure of the damage the vaccin may cause to the people. So, if you’re implementing any order from the Head of Corona Task Force Committee, Hussein Abdel Bagi, please understand that Vice President Hussein is just dinning in Juba without supervising the rate in which the virus maybe spreading in the country. Since the outbreak of the virus, Hussein and his team never been serious on how to educate people about the pandemic and if they did, you shouldn’t have force people to be vaccinated because they could’ve got the right information from Hussein if vaccine is legitimate or not.

In conclusion, I would advise you to please play your role very well in our state and don’t allow anyone to die because of this vaccine. Instead, work towards bringing peace and harmony within the fragile counties under the state and continue to educate our people to be responsible for themselves rather than being told what to do forcefully without their knowledge. Also follow what is happening in the world so that you will have more knowledge about how you’re going to deal with such a pandemic and the ongoing flood. Therefore, I understand that as a governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal, you know what is right and bad for our people but I’m entitled to my opinion since I’m one of the sons of this great community and I deserve to speak my heart out and I believe that your leadership will put my grievances into consideration for the sake of our vulnerable mothers and fathers who deserve better than in Aweil. With this, I would like to say that may God bless you Mr. Governor and the people of Aweil who are in dire need of help in this time of tribulations and impoverishment.

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