ECOWAS says it will close borders with Mali as it sanction coup masterminds | RB

FILE PHOTO/COURTESY: One of the Malians' coup leader, Col. Diaw

The body Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS) has rejected the Malians coup that was staged and put on sanctions the masterminds. Colonel Malick Diaw, Colonel Sadio Camara, Brig. General Cheick Fanta Mady Demebele.

The bloc also said on Tuesday that its members would close land and air borders with Mali and pledged to demand sanctions against “all the putschists and their partners and collaborators”.

“ECOWAS has noted with great concern the seizure of power by Malian military putschists,” said the statement, which was originally published in French.

As of today (EAT), the army took over the government and promises transitional period towards elections.

(File photo: Colonel Diaw/Courtesy)

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