Gen. Thomas Cirillo ‘Secretly’ fighting for an Independent Equatoria

NAS forces jubilating, dancing and motivating themselves in their unknown location in South Sudan.

It might seem as an impossible drive, but in the heart of NAS leader, every bump is a smooth section on the highway to ‘freedom’


South Sudanese are nearly witnessing a rebel group that claimed to have been fighting for a change transitions to a full scale ‘freedom fighters’ group fighting for an Independent Equatoria as a country that will separate from South Sudan.

250px SSudan Equatoria
Marked red, Greater Equatoria/photo courtesy

This is partially fulfilled by Dr. Thomas Cirillo’s demands last week at Peace Talks in Rome, Italy.

But upon circulation of such news, the SSOMA leadership came out to deny the motives of Gen. Thomas Cirilo.


According to him, the staggering issues he raised were valid but of course boldly rejected by the government delegation team.

While Gen. Paul Malong put his fate at the hand of Nhial Deng Nhial the Minister of Presidential Affairs who also heads the Government’s Delegates, Cirillo came up with the followings;

1) Government to create seat of Prime Minister which he who would run its office.

2) Over 200 NAS officials to participate in Parliament.

3) 5 more counties to be declared in Central Equatoria State.

4) Dinka and Nuer working with NGOs must hand over jobs to Equatorians intellectuals.

5) Nuer and Dinka must not be given a plot in Nimule.

6) Dinka and Nuer must leave Equatoria for Upper Nile and Bhar el Gazal regions.

7) Cattle must be withdrawn in Equatoria land.

8) Equatoria must be separated with Bhar el Gazal.

9) Salva Kiir must resign and form Leadership Council till elections in 2023.

10) Tomb of Dr. John Garang must be removed and taken to Bor or where they wish.

NAS — The National Salvation Front:

Though its goals are the removal of the President of South SudanSalva Kiir, from office and the establishment of federalism, many people are already seeing it as a threat to disintegration of the South Sudan into small countries.

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