Dr. Lam Akol “expelled” from his own NDM party, says deputy Chairman

Veteran politician Dr. Lam Akol speaking to mediaVeteran politician Dr. Lam Akol speaking to media

Leader of the National Democratic Movement, Dr. Lam Akol Ajanwin has been expelled from his own party he founded three years ago, the movement’s Dept. Chairman said on Wednesday.

Lam has been in exile in neighboring Sudan since July last year. The group is accusing their leader of “abandoning the party” living them with no clear direction and communication.

He was given an ultimatum to return to the headquarters but disregarded the request from his members. He left the country without informing the party officials causing confusion.

Dept. chairman, Hon. Thompson Thoan Teny, speaking to media this week said they have no choice but to break away and cut tie with the former leader. He cited lack of communication from the party leader.

“I came to explain to the media what is happening in our party NDM. Our Chairperson left for Khartoum in July 2020 and he has never informed us. All of us are here in Juba including the deputy chairman, Secretary-General, and other executive members of the party,” Thoan told media outlets in Juba.

Thoan claimed, Lam left for Khartoum last year and upon his arrival, never discuss his mission. He gave the leader a phone call to update the party why he left without communicating his departure, Lam failed to explain. He was then given two weeks to return but the group never heard from him again.

“He went to Khartoum he called me (Thoan) we gave him two weeks to come back and explain why he left without informing us. We decided on 13 August 2020 to dismiss him from the party it’s now 7 months since he the headquarters of the party,” Thoan clarified their decision.

Thoan is now the leader urging members of the NDM to unite behind him.

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