Dr. Lam Akol’s NDM party deeply concern over the attack on civilians in Malakal

Veteran politician Dr. Lam Akol speaking to mediaVeteran politician Dr. Lam Akol speaking to media

The National Democratic Movement under the leadership of Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin openly condemned the recent shooting in Malakal where several civilians were wounded and 3 left dead. 

Akol said the party is deeply concerned over the incident and urged the Upper Nile State leadership to set more security measures to avoid the same incident occurring in the near future. 

“We expected the authorities in Malakal town to have provided security for the reception of their Governor. The incident has proven that security measures were at best inadequate. Now that the Government has assumed office and taken charge it must do two things simultaneously; spare no effort to apprehend the culprits so that the law can take its course, and launch a full investigation into how the security was breached and innocent citizens were massacred. any person found to be involved in this massacre must face the full brunt of the law. the blood of the dead is calling for justice,” according to the statement seen by Racmiel. 

Lam blames the State leadership for not taking action against the perpetrators. 

“So far there has been no action taken against the attackers. The most disturbing aspect of the ugly episode is that according to eyewitnesses among the people shot at, some of the attackers were wearing army and police uniforms.”

On Saturday, civilians who went to the Malakal Airport to welcome the newly appointed governor were attacked by people in the military uninformed, according to the eyewitnesses. Several were wounded and 3 people left dead.

The attackers still remain at large.

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