Dr. Lam Akol urges Chollo not to start the war over the position of governor

Veteran politician Dr. Lam Akol speaking to mediaVeteran politician Dr. Lam Akol speaking to media

Veteran politician, Dr. Lam Akol has urged his tribesmen not to fight or break away from the agreement because the right person was not appointed.

The call came after the news of Lt. Gen. Olony’s inevitable break away from the movement was rumored across the nation.

The appointment of Hon. Abukdhok by Machar as the president rejects Olony as the governor of Upper Nile seems to create more crisis.

Lam said the tribe “have no hand in the Choice of the Governor” because of this, is purely political decision and not tribal.

In a long letter “Why we cannot abandon the Peace Agreement” written to the Chollo community worldwide on Tuesday, Lam calls upon the tribe to unite behind the newly appointed governor citing several benefits.

“after a very hard and tough political and diplomatic struggle, the following gains were achieved for the Chollo in the Agreement,”

  1. The TBC produced the map of Southern Sudan as it was on 1/1/1956 with the boundaries of Chollo land clearly shown.
  2. The country has reverted to the 10 States. This took Upper Nile back with its capital in Malakal on the map.
  3. The Governor of Upper Nile State went to SPLM/A-IO and allocated to an Ochoollo.

Some believe Lam missed the point without taking into consideration the root cause of such rejection. Many Chollo says Kiir’s choice to appoint Hon. Abudhok is to play the government political card. The Chollo land will be taken for good as the government will be in charge of the Upper Nile. 

“If we initiate a war over whether or not we like the appointed Governor, we will DEFINITELY lose these gains, and nobody in the world who helped us get at least the first two gains above will ever take us seriously again,” said Lam who now focus more on again than the issue of the land.

Chollo can not defeat the regime in Juba through the military affirmed the veteran politician. He noted that the implementation has its flaws but war should not be started by the Chollo.

Many has criticized his recent call not to take into consideration the negative impact over the appointment of someone who will not defend the tribe.

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