Dispute with Costello Garang’s party forces General Buay to Rename Group.

General Stephen Buay RolnyangGeneral Stephen Buay Rolnyang
General Stephen Buay Rolnyang renames his rebel movement following a dispute with Dr. Costello Garang Ring Lual who said his party’s name was chosen by Gen. Buay as name of his new opposition group. This move comes as General Buay departed from  General Paul Malong to form his own rebel movement with the ambitious yeast of fighting the government of President Salva Kiir. Sudan Patriotic Movement/Army becomes the new name of General Buay movement.
In June this year, .Dr. Costello Garang was appointed presidential advisor on presidency affairs and its comic to note that the new  movement  group has a  similar name to that of with Dr. Costello Garang Ring Lual.
Notably, yesterday Costello’s group made a statement demanding General Stephen Buay Rolnyang to rename his movement or else face a legal challenge. In a response issued today in respect of the likely implications of the decisions made by the leadership of General Stephen Buay, the party name was changed to South Sudan People’s Movement/Army and also issued an apology.
In a statement issued today, General Stephen Buay  said “therefore, we the new group of the SSPM/A would submissively like to apologize for unintentional use of the same synonym. In this regard, the new group interim chairman and commander in chief of the SSPM/A, after consulting with the members of the SSPM/A new group, has changed the name South Sudan Patriotic Movement/Army to South Sudan People’s Movement/Army with immediate effect,” marking the official start of the new group.
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