Disarmament Committee Set To Outshine Other Committees | National Issues

File Photo: Lt.Gen. Rin Tueny Mabior during a press briefing on 28.06.2020 in Juba

28/06/2020, (RB) — despite the government being criticized by the citizens for forming committees that ‘kill’ national issues, the Disarmament Committee headed by Lt. Gen. Run Tueny Mabior, is likely to be the real game changer.

As seen in the past, civilians disarmament has worked fully as government enforce policies and initiates strategies beyond guns’ holders understanding. At least, most South Sudanese have expressed their faith concerning the matter. And indeed, the Committee stands out compared to others as per general opinion.

While speaking to SSBC today, the chairman asked the civilians with guns in greater Tonj to submit their guns or face it rough.

“Civilians should voluntarily hand over their guns or we force it out”

The force is otherwise going to be the solution as seen and used before because the insecurity have been forcing civilians to hold guns for personal protection or to guard their cattle against bandits which are always from the neighboring community. In this case, they can not easily hand over their guns.

Cycles of attacks and clashes have raced Lakes State and Jonglei State as well.

Pertaining to the move of disarmament in the creator Tonj, the Chairman is yet to clarify if the same mode will also be initiated in both Lakes State and Jonglei where inter communal conflict is rampant.

Many citizens have welcomed the move but also asked the same project to be extended to other areas countrywide.

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