Disarmament Committee failing to control forces – activist questions the neutrality of forces | RB

The disarmament committee headed by Gen. Rin Tueny has already failed to control its forces in Warrap State. According to an activist who spoke to Eye Radio, the forces are some how not neutral. This could be perhaps the reason why the harassment has been rampant in the Tonj East, Warrap State.

In Lakes State, the same occurrences are happening where members of the armed forces are reportedly harassing civilians and also misbehaving.

The leader of the coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Lakes State, Daniel Laat, believes the disarmament forces may have been compromised by communal interests.

The activist is urging the SSPDF General headquarters to recall the soldiers who are currently removing guns from the hands of civilians.

“When the forces go to the ground, they use the same security personnel who are involved in the issue, such as the police officers accused of human rights violations,” Daniel Laat told Eye Radio on Monday.

Tonj East incident left more than 100 people dead due to clashes that persisted for two days (from 9-10 August) between the government and civilians.

Before the disarmament kicks off in Upper Nile and Jonglei State and Equatoria, many citizens are already feeling that it could lead the country back to war.

Two weeks ago, the SPLA-IO and SSPDF forces clashed in Tonj – Wau road where the SSPDF members disarmed SPLA-IO. The incident was seen as a trigger and a threat to peace implementation.

But for now, the disarmament committee is already failing at its earliest tackle of the countrywide disarmament.

(FILE PHOTO: Chief of General Stuff, Jonhson Juma Okot briefing media before disarmament kicked off in Tonj Last Month)

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