Dhal Alony Deng Mela, the forgotten SPLM Cadre by SPLM-led government despite his contribution in Liberation Struggle

Dhal Alony Deng Mela/PHOTO: SuppliedDhal Alony Deng Mela/PHOTO: Supplied

Opinion by: Akech Agau Makeny

One would begin this piece of writing with the recently released song by Larson Angok About SPLM-led government that is busy taking care of other people’s children and its children are dying of hunger, he went as far as quoting the statement of late Lual Diing Wuol (Baba Africa) during the days of SPLA/M Liberation Struggle, that SPLM is feeding the children of other people and its children are suffering.

The song has captured the attention of everyone including myself and reminded me of uncle Dhal Alony Deng Mela which very movement he dedicated his youthful life has forgotten him despite his contribution to the Liberation Struggle.

Uncle Dhal Alony Deng Mela abandoned his studies at the University of Juba and left for the bush in 1984 where he was trained with Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, the current minister of Presidential Affairs, Gen. Daniel Ayuel Makoi, Makuac Alit Tianic, and the rest as the first SPLA commando in Bonga ( Koriom Division) military training center. Hon. Nhial Deng graduated as 1st Lt since he was a University graduate from the University of Khartoum, and Daniel Ayuel Makoi as 2nd Lt, and Dhal Alony Deng as CPL and deployed in Akobo-Dengjok area where he fought the enemy day and night.

Nhial was later on transferred to Adisababa-Ethiopia as an SPLA radio operator and held many revolutionary tasks during the SPLA/M struggle. He was later appointed as governor of the greater Bharelghazal region.

In 1987, Dhal was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant and sent to Bilpam Headquarters where he sat for the examination and brought number one of shield four, then sent to political school for two years in Adis.

In 1989, Dhal Alony Deng graduated and got assigned to Isoke political school as a tutor, he graduated two batches of that political school, then later Assigned to other revolutionary duties including an SPLM political Activist.

He was trained as a political commissar during the struggle, after the agreement of CPA, he was assigned SPLM political Activist for political and mobilization, and then, later on, he was appointed as an SPLM Deputy Secretary of Lakes State when Mathiang Keer (RIP) was SPLM Secretary of State.

In 2010, Dhal was removed from state SPLM Secretary and still SPLM political Activist in SPLM National Secretariat where he was assigned for Thanksgiving mission to go to Abyei, on his way,  he fell down and got his right hip broken in Kuacjok.

At this point which is the area of my interest in writing this article, the SPLM Secretariat that sent him for a Thanksgiving mission did not treat and take care of him during that time of Dr. Ann Ito and up to now, thanks to the people of greater Yirol who contributed money that took him to Nairobi for hip replacement in 2013.

He then tried here and there to meet the Chairman of SPLM Cde Slava Kiir Mayardit for his sickness but was not possible.

I for once tried to go to J1 for an appointment in the office of the Presidential Affairs minister, but only to be told by soldiers that J1 is now going for months without anyone coming here, the president has abandoned it for another office in the ministries Complex next to Cabinet Affairs ministry. I went to that office and could not go through as it is very hard for a mere person like me to even reach the reception door, I got frustrated and came back. My intention of going there was to get the minister Nhial Deng and tell him your friend Dhal Alony Deng Mela is down for almost nine years now and no treatment nor good feeding.

With that song of Larson Angok and that quote of Late Gen. Lual Diing Wuol in mind, what happened that SPLM party has abandoned its true cadres and go for those who did not even contribute in the war of Liberation Struggle?

It is true that SPLM has abandoned its cadres and only taking care of those who did not contribute anything to the movement as seen in Dhal Alony Deng suffering and the rest of veterans are suffering unknowingly.

As we speak, Dhal Alony (Africa) is still suffering and his health condition is still deteriorating and the SPLM-led government is not giving him what is called monthly veterans allowances, leave alone medical facilitation outside. No one could ask the whereabouts of Dhal Alony as he continues to suffer and no hand of assistance from the government.

May God Almighty bless uncle Dhal Alony Deng Mela.

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