Detained political activists Jonglei state released.

National Security building Blue House Juba South SudanNational Security building Blue House Juba South Sudan
Jonglei State political activists who were detained in Bor town accused of demanding the removal of the state deputy governor have been released. The former detainees are part of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party members and for long have been calling for the removal of the state party leader and deputy governor Antipas Nyok Kucha accusing him of incompetence.
Last week, Deng Ajang Duot, the SPLM party Secretary-General, denied his party involvement in the arrest, saying the activists were arrested on administrative grounds something Anyieth refutes while he maintains their arrests were politically motivated.
Towards the end of July last month, Anyieth Makuei Anyieth, and his colleague Mary Dookdit, were arrested and detained in the state capital, Bor town. In an interview recently, Anyieth said  “We were released on Tuesday morning after spending 8 days in the cell. We were not charged. The arrest was an order from the deputy governor because they said we have been fighting for the removal of the deputy governor,”
Following their release, a senior state party official has said they are ready to dialogue to seek a lasting peace deal in a bid to solve the grievances creating to tension within the party.
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