Deputy Mayor of Juba Reportedly Harrassing a Security Company


The deputy Mayor of Juba has come under heavy criticism yesterday over allegations that he is harassing’s a security company.

The leadership of the company (The Security Professionals) has in a letter seen by Ramciel Broadcasting, complained about constant harassments from the deputy Mayor of Juba – Thiik Thiik Mayardit.

The Mayor is said to be dictating how the company should run it affairs of which the Board of Directors see it as a manipulation from the Mayor.

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Letter seen by Ramciel Broadcasting


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Page 2 of the letter










The controversial Mayor has recently come to spot light and a few number of leaders has criticized his leadership style and his involvement in an unhealthy politics.

According to the letter, high ranking officials have been called to awareness about what the Mayor is currently undertaking. It is however not yet clear how the company will move ahead concerning what it terms as ‘dictation’ of its affairs.

Hon. Thiik Thiik Mayardit is one of the recently appointed individuals to the Transitional Government of the National University of September 2018 – Addis Ababa Peace agreement (R-TGoNU) on SPLM ticket.

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