Denay Jock Chagor, A Man Who Came Through Political ‘Elimination’ Within SSOA | Opinion

15/07/2020 Opinion

By Tut Kuany Kok.

There has been political infighting within the SSOA Coalition over who to lead and who should not. Then this thus brought about misunderstanding between Changsong Lew Chang, the leader of (FDP/SSAF) and the leader of NDM Lam Akol Ajawin. Hence, last month Dr Lam Akol nominated his secretary as the would-be Governor of Jonglei State but Changson and his staunches were against his unilateral decision. Today on 15-7-2020, the SSOA brings Denay Jock Chagor, the former Minister of Higher Education as the Governor of Jonglei State. But many South Sudanese have been questioning whether Denay is capable to do the job perfectly or he is going to sleep like the old men? Let’s look into what happened to Jonglei under former Governors who know better than Denay Jock Chagor

This is the list of the Governors in Jonglei State who ruled but there never been any ounce of peace in the land of Jonglei, in lieu of most of them have good understanding of what’s boiling that land for years
[1] Philip Thon Leek, the first Governor
[2] Kuol Manyang Juuk, the second Governor
[3] John Kong Nyuon, the third Governor
[4] Maker Thiong Mal, fourth Governor (under 32 states)
[5] Denay Jock Chagor*
Jonglei State is a home of Dinka, Nuer, Murle and Anyuak. And in South Sudan, it has been the only state that long suffered from tribal clashes. Much of which is over land, water, cattle and even individual grudges. Though many peace conferences were held in order to bring about peace and reconciliation between Murle-LouNuer and Murle-Dinka-bor but still there’s killing, abduction of women and children and raiding of cattle. Then all the Governors who ruled this very state, who also have vast knowledge about the Jonglei. Failed to bring peace among the communities living there. All their efforts exhausted and they couldn’t do anything to serve this state from falling apart hitherto. But will Denay succeed in bringing peace in Jonglei?

Now who’s Denay Jock Chagor, the Lost Boy to lead this delicate State and who have no knowledge about what has been boiling the land? Per my understanding, it’s unfortunate that the SSOA leadership brought someone who has never been leader of any small community association let alone the Jonglei State. Therefore, this is a sign that South Sudan will never have peace at all. Moreover, few weeks in the office of Ministry of Higher Education, Cde Denay exposed his weaknesses by releasing the $3M in the name of students schooling in foreign land, but only few students received 20$ each in Egypt. Then the rest of the money go into their private accounts as it has been the culture of South Sudanese when one ascending to big political seat . So if Denay is incompetent to run a small sector like the Higher Education, what miracle are we going to expect in Jonglei?

The SSOA Coalition have shown us that they’re not caring about the well-being of Jonglei people. Though Pibor Administrative Area was detached from Jonglei still the conflict won’t end. It should be better if Denay bungle the entire South Sudanese in the Ministry of Higher Education than burying the whole Jonglei State because of the party nomination. Candidly, Denay didn’t deserve that gubernatorial seat for he is not familiar even with the path leading to Jonglei. But Jonglei deserve someone who have once interacted with the local communities and who know what they like and what they don’t like. What’s reason why Johnson Olony was rejected?

Then the same thing ought to happen to Denay by those who need peace in the State of Jonglei than someone who will just come and sleep without fixing the problem. Even though the agreement said that, any party has right to to bring its nominee, Denay isn’t the capable person for the job because he won’t change the situation in Jonglei.

In conclusion, I’m urging the leadership of SSOA to desist from political wrangling and purge for the sake of peace in South Sudan.

The writer is a political activist and can be reached through his Facebook account, Tut Kuany Kok.

File photo courtesy: Radio Miraya

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