Defence minister requests Khartoum to pressure Kiir to release Machar

Hon. Angelina Teny CourtesyHon. Angelina Teny after alighting from a plane in Khartoum last week/Courtesy

KHARTOUM — The South Sudan’s Minister of Defence under the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) Angelina Teny visited Khartoum last week amid holes in the peace deal.

Allegedly, the minister is said to be persuading the Khartoum government to release the Chairman of the main opposition group in the country, Dr. Riek Machar Teny that is said by his chief of staff to be under house arrest in Juba, the capital.

According to a source, the mission entails the following:

” 1- Ask for military equipments

2- Convince Sudan to Convince Reformists under Duer Tut to accept Peace:
( the answer is that the reformists are free to accept or refuse, if you Angelina believes peace is there, why are you asking us to convince Salva to release Riek Machar, how can a F.V.P be in detention if it is a real peace. Question asked by Sudanese official, Nyajany could not answer).

3- Convince the Government of Sudan to talk to Olony and Gatwech Dual to accept going to Juba ( if they refuse then they can be taken by force by Sudanese Army)

4- Talk with Sudan on border issues ( ask Sudan Government not to corporate and not to allow the SPLA-IO trips to enter Sudanese territory)

5- Convince the Government of Sudan to talk to Salva so that Riek Machar is released from detention and allowed to travel

6- In case Johnson Olony, Simon Gatwech Dual and Duer Tut refuse to go to Juba, then they want the Government of Sudan to ask Olony and Simon Gatwech to quit Sudanese territory, there Angelina will ask Salva to order the SSPDF to attack the SPLA-IO positions.

Luckily enough, the Government of Sudan is not willing to accept demands of Angelina.”

Off late, Juba and IO have come under heavy criticism due to slow implementation of the peace deal.

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