December 15, 2013 Genocide, what happened? A look into Africa Union Report

Africa Union Submit on the resolution of South Sudan civil, leaders meet in Addis Ababa to discuss an end to the civil war. Photo/courtesyAfrica Union Submit on the resolution of South Sudan civil, leaders meet in Addis Ababa to discuss an end to the civil war. Photo/courtesy

Bol Ring, U.S.A

A one-year African Union Inquiry into Juba Nuer Genocide by Salva Kiir Regime.

“The Commission also received evidence of possible torture or ill treatment of civilians in Gudele(Juba) One area. According to witnesses, SPLA soldiers gathered Nuer civilians on 16th December 2013 and subjected them to beatings before compelling them to jump into a lit bonfire. The Commission also heard evidence that some of the people who had been gathered were compelled to eat human flesh while others were forced to drink human blood belonging to a victim who had been slaughtered and his blood collected on a plate308. This evidence finds corroboration in witness JWA’s statement who said that she saw SPLA soldiers burning dead bodies and compelling Nuer women to eat burnt flesh of burnt victims. According to the witness, one of the people who were forced to eat this flesh has reportedly lost his mind and is at a refugee camp in Kenya.

476. The Commission was also informed about rapes that were perpetrated against civilians in Juba between 16th and 18th December 2013. The Commission spoke with witnesses who averred that they had been raped by SPLA soldiers. Witness Martha testified that she was raped by SPLA soldiers between 17th and 18th December 2013. Additionally, she described the coercive circumstances surrounding the rape incident including the killings and how she lost people related to her and observing acts of inhumane nature309. Another witness, JWY testified that she was in Juba when the conflict erupted and she fled when she realized that government soldiers were targeting Nuer women and raping them310. Witness JWB and witness JWS both testified that while at UNMISS PoC Site in Juba they came into contact with women wh too had been raped by soldiers when they tried to go outside the camp to look for food…the commissioner also concluded that there was no evidence of coup attempt”

Who were behind the Juba Nuer Genocide and who executed the Genocide?

“the irregular forces disguised as ‘street cleaners’ allegedly scouted areas of Juba in the weeks before the massacres. During this alleged reconnaissance four operational zones of Juba were identified so that roadblocks and checkpoints could be erected to prevent people escaping once the killings started”

“the killings in Juba were carried out pursuant to a state policy and were coordinated and possibly also planned….AU investigators found no evidence of a coup as alleged by President Salva Kiir but instead concluded that a gunfight within the Presidential Guards was the immediate trigger for further violence in which ‘Dinka members of the Presidential guard and other security forces targeted Nuer soldiers and civilians…killing Nuer civilians in and near their homes”

Article 812 of the Commission of Inquiry report concludes, 

“the evidence thus suggests that these crimes were committed pursuant to or in furtherance of a State policy. Indeed, the method under which these crimes were committed prove the ‘widespread or systematic nature’ of the attacks. The evidence also shows that it was an organized military operation that could have not have been successful without concerted efforts from various actors in the military and government circles.”


African Union (A.U) investigation report is available for public (search African Union report on South Sudan). Further, for more in depth inquiry, read the complete AU inquiry as well HRW and U.N reports on Juba Genocide.

After the holocaust, the world pledged that genocide shall never happened again and put in place systems and organizations to prevent and hold those who commit genocide accountable. 

Again, after Rwanda Genocide, the world pledged to never allow genocide perpetrators to walk freely.

In Juba South Sudan, genocide perpetrators are being rewarded for committing a genocide, given high governmental positions as awards for executing ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.  Furthermore, the genocide perpetrators are enjoying international aid and supports while the genocide victims are staying at various internally displaced camps (UNMISS POC sites) because they fear for their lives from the said perpetrators.

May the genocide victims rest in internal peace, may long arm of justice reach the perpetrators who spilled innocent bloods, and may the world bodies reach deep into the Well of their conscience and may they uphold their sacred obligation to protect humanity from fading into immoral darkness. May Juba Genocide perpetrators be held accountable for committing crimes against humanity.


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