Dear Twic Mayardit Community 

Agel Machar/Photo CourtesyAgel Machar/Photo Courtesy

SGT Agel Ring Machar

Until we understand the meaning and the importance of the term “DIVISION OF LABOUR” in a society, or the value of SPECIALISATION in any given institution or society, our problems will continue to increase unabated. Career soldiers should endeavor to remain soldiers and so are the businessmen and politicians etc etc.

This senseless idea of senior career military and security officers shading their uniforms unnecessarily and prematurely for politics must be reviewed. Senior Military/Security officers end up pushing out career politicians out of politics and into the market/NGOs, the politicians turned businessmen overnight end up pushing out real businessmen out of the market and the businessmen in turn start lobbying to be senior military officers or clergymen.

This endless unhelpful merry-go-round needs to end, not only in Twic Mayardit Community but across the country, because we all end up not having good military/Security officers, good politicians, good businessmen etc etc etc.

Instead, we will endlessly have soldiers struggling to be politicians, politicians struggling to be businessmen and businessmen struggling to be senior military officers or Bishops. Why?

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