Concrete Leaks: Bol Wek Agoth to replace Gen. Akol Koor as cold war in J1 intensifies | RB

Image: Left, Akot Lual, Right, Gen. Akol Koor.

The arrest of Presidential Envoy to Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) Hon. Akot Lual has prompted to a serious ‘breakages’ of strings in J1. The ties are ripe that they are ready for pruning.

Akot was arrested last week without the President’s knowledge and by the orders of the Internal Security Bureau’s Chief(General Akol Koor) due to his (Akot) involvement in Jonglei conflict. But through his wife who was initially blocked on her way to Juba from Kampala by Akol, Akot was released when the information reached President Kiir. The wife surged to ask the President why he arrested her husband and Kiir was reportedly unaware of the event. The move was a family matter – handled case. Akol Koor, though engineering the arrest, he denied the allegations when the president asked him why.

According to a senior national security agent, Gen. Akol Koor has wronged the president and the reinstatement of Bol Wek Agoth to the Internal Security Bureau is a prove that Gen. Akol Koor will be axed in the soonest time possible as Bol is being prepared for his position.

“Akol Koor will be removed unless otherwise he apologizes to His Excellency, the Mr. President” said the NSS general while talking to his ‘boys’ in the family compound.

There are also reports that Akol Koor has promised not to be like Paul Malong Awan whom he said was ousted without firing a single bullet. Akol is said to have bowed to overthrow Kiir’s administration if the president ousts him.

Through a National Security spy who is also Akol’s friend, an audio was recoded while the two converse in Akol’s office. This is where Akol Koor was exposed and now the cold war in J1 has intensified after the president learned about that.

The arrest of Akot Lual who is also President Kiir’s nephew has however been seen as a result of Akot exposing the government’s involvement in Jonglei tribal conflicts, a move which the security chief saw as an exposure of the government’s activities. Akot admitted in an interview with Dolku Media that it his his role to protect small tribes after accusations that he supplied Murle tribe with weapons.

It is not the first case as Gen. Akol Koor have been before, rumoured to be removed but his chances of retaining his seat are seen to be very minute at this time.

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