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FILE PHOTO: South Sudan Presidency in J1 during a meeting. Source: UN News.

28/06/2020, (RB) – On May this year, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) extended arms embargo on South Sudan forcing the government to decry the ruling.

According to an army General within SSPDF, the result was unfavorable and that the civilians have more guns than the government. Some researches concluded that civilians have their 70% population owning guns which means that South Sudan has gone back to its highest insecurity era. The government was shocked to learn that nearly all civilians in the country have guns.

But off late, the government have been accused of fueling inter communal conflicts. One of the evidences that left many in shock was when the Presidential Envoy to Greator Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA), Akot Lual Arech, while speaking to DOLKU Media in Juba, said

“My duty is to protect this small tribe. I feel that the rule of majority is to protect minority”

This happened after Murle Youth ambushed their neighbours from Lou Nuer and raided their villages killing elderly, women and children and abducting some children in the process, nearly two and half months ago.

The Chief Administrator, David Yau Yau have been accused by Lou Nuer leaders to have received a vast amount of guns and ammunitions. A video showing Murle Youth and allegedly SSPDF members, armed to teeth, surfaced on social media after the attack. The militias were armed to teeth with modern warfares and were seen heading to Jonglei.

Weeks before the alleged armament of David Yau Yau by the government, an army general left Juba with several pickups carrying guns and ammunitions and headed to Lakes State and

the subsequent news was the inter communal conflicts rising to top level again in Jonglei while peace process awaits final sealing. The general’s move to the Lakes State was though said to be as a result of mercury ores finding in the area.

Gen. Tut Kew is also accused of supplying weapons to Unity State’s Youth who are accused of raiding their neighbours from Warrap State of their cattle’s and displacing women and children. The retaliations have also been reported where Youth from Unity State clashed with SSPDF soldiers during the cattle recovering missions.

The National Security Forces under Director General Gen. Akol Koor, have been accused of shipping arms and setting up an illegal checkpoint in Awul, Tonj North County of Warrap. The arms shipping is therefore, according to an eye witnesses, is meant to supply the local civilians and especially from where the leader hails, seeming like an added advantage while the neighboring communities clash.

According to a senior political figure,

“The government is not yet serious about moving this country forward” Said the man whose identity is withheld for security purposes.

Majority of citizens have criticized the formation of the recent committees that have been assigned to look and solve the matters that occurred and persisting: The Shirikaat Incident and the Jonglei Insecurity.

Many believe that the government is killing national issues with such committees but to the greater extent, they are instead fueling the conflicts in the country to remain in power and exploit the ways to get money; according to the citizens and some believed to sit at the presidency and owning a few gold mines in the conflict zones.

Speaking to Ramciel Broadcasting,

“The government is engaged in illicit gold mining in those areas. Jonglei and Kapoeta to be precise” Said the senior political figure.

“It is not yet clear if the government is ready for deep peace or not,” he criticizes.

Meanswhile, the insecurity in the country continue to increase with at least 3 people dying everyday.

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