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File Photo: Gen. Majak, Source: Gurtong Trust.

29/06/2020, (RB) —


By Gabriel Akech Dhieu

South Sudan Inspector General of Police is corroborating and creating a leeway of plan to sabotage his boss, Interior minister Hon. Paul Mayom Akech. This is after he has been on an obnoxious trajectory against him; Gen. Majak who served under Hon. Paul Mayom Akech during the pre-post liberation struggle is a mice-trunk and spooky unlettered dude whose ambition is always based on negative war watering against his mentors and role models. For the last few weeks while under the influenced of unknown mission and storyline, “He decided to launched a joint underdog war of ”Mayom Akech is eyeing the presidency” operation/offensive which he coined with his cohorts as a strategy to neutralize the Interior minister and hyped an elaborate plot targeted at the security status of the country and the presidency and with the ultimate aim of destabilizing the country political, economic and social system. Hon. Paul Mayom brought up Majak Akech as an illiterate and withered junior officer in the army to polish himself and work for his betterment but the little unknown monster has turned against his role model for reasons that can be in cult as greed and power lusting.

Gen. Majak who is working closely with three suspects within his circle to destabilize the work being done by Hon. Paul Mayom is tinting an elaborate war chest to enhance his egocentric agenda of painting the minister as an allegory of sabotage to the presidency and the country at large. The three men are always in contact with him and are the huge reagents that have been messing up the National Police Service through dubious deals and other cohabiting methods. The entire police command is under sieged from them because of corruptions, foliage promotion of junior officers on nepotism and ethnic profiling. The work of policing for any institution/country/ nation is to stress on state security as it remain vigilant and work to safeguard national security and public safety at all cost but it’s the opposite for Gen. Majak Akech who perfected the art of backbiting and rumormongering against his fellow civil servants who want to served the citizens of the country with decorum’s and hard work.The following senior officer’s are the one, which Majak Akech has either purged from his crime network or incorporated:

  1. Gen. Augustino Madut Parek- a senior police officer than him in ranks and experienced whom he lobbied for not to climb the ladder of hierarchy and became his closed confidant within the National Police Service and whom they have been colluding on several deals such as the scandalous police-housing unit project in Gudele, uniforms and armaments for administration police unit and many other corruption scandals has been his number one point-man for deals. In 2019, Gen. Majak bought him some houses in Kampala and Juba as a token for his loyalty and good work. This is after the two-pocketed 1.07 million USD on a contractor who was to supply goods and services to the police but failed to deliver them afterward. Instead, the two used the cash to purchased town houses in neighboring countries as a price tag of their clandestine work. Gen. Majak who has been the facilitator of all these deals, pinned Gen. Augustino as a horseback to conceal his continuous looting of public resources leaving the much needed attention at the police department chattered and gloomy. The two are working hard to render country top most institutions useless.
  2. Gen. Simon Majur Pabek- an educated and intelligent officer who was working under him at the Directorate of Nationality and Passport and later opted for jealousy on him by lying to the president that, the young man is an agent of CIA, issuing Nationality to foreigners and a Sudanese spy master within Juba was sacked and put on surveillance for a period of time. He did this out of hatred and shyness because he “Majak” is well known as a slow learner and grumpy. He cannot induce simplicity with hard work.
  3. Gen. Saeed Chawul Lom – a former Inspector General of Police (IGP) and his immediate predecessor whom he worked very hard to be purged out by the president after propagating a lot of lies and foams about him was sacked and lobbied himself to be appointed as the IGP despite Saeed being an experienced and well mannered civil servant with track records of performances. It was last week when Gen. Majak Akech befriended and hastened Gen. Saeed to bromance their widen differences and worked together as colleagues, he promised him that he will convinced the President to appoint him as Interior minister after he make sure Hon. Paul Mayom Akech is kick out of the cabinet as soon as possible.
  4. Gen. Majak Akech is busy conducting night meetings with Defense and Veteran’s Affairs minister, Hon. Angelina Teny and a small group of SPLM-IO to have Thomas Jal, a brother to Angelina Teny appointed as Deputy minister of Interior. This is puzzling because Gen. Majak is not a member of SPLM-IO, the purpose of bringing in Jal is to quantify their hidden agenda of trying to weaken the president and his closed comrades so that there is a breakdown in the country security setup, and to legitimize their clandestine chain of corruption and espionage as they continue to flourish under impunity without monitoring and napping. The same Gen. Majak Akech is the one having constant communication with SSUF leader, Gen. Paul Malong Awan on how they should create a security threat to the country through some hooligans who are working within the government and beyond.

—–Bulwark of stability—–

There are attempts by IGP and his crime pundits to draw surprised reactions from security apparatus within Juba and beyond over the pace he is fighting against his own boss and mentor. For nearly 2 months, South Sudan has been viewed as stable with Hon. Paul Mayom Akech at the helm of the Interior ministry; this is a vital ingredient to South Sudan stability as it used to be characterized by insecurity and balkanization. The new boss in the Interior Ministry is working very hard to usher in South Sudan as a second Republic. Since June, there have been no reports of many insecurity incidences across the country.

The presence security threat post by the Inspector General of Police through meandering of misinformation shouldn’t be downplay by authorities’ and other concerns bodies within the government. Claims that, Hon. Paul Mayom Akech is having interest in contesting for the chairmanship of SPLM party and planning to use that channel as a replacing ion to H.E president Salva Kiir are bewildering and retrogressive, shouldering them can be ambiguous and tantalum to illusion. Hon. Paul Mayom is a close ally and confidante to H.E president Salva Kiir Mayardit. The two have been diehard defenders of the country’s sovereignty and respectful to one another as brothers. Hence his collegial working with the president is undeterred and unwavering. He will always be very happy to serve under H.E president Salva Kiir unconditionally no matter what circumstances.

Since Gen. Majak Akech has taken charge of South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS). There has been a poor communication channel surrounding the incidents where several senior officers were set up as a source/baite of corruption. The same people are the one selling Hon. Paul Mayom as an agent of regime change. This sabotaging strategy by enemies of peace may have negative consequences for the country’s political landscape, as well as South Sudan international image if taken slightly. People should be quite curious as to why there are many linkage within the IGP office and his business syndicate who want to grab any opportunity to flourish on destroying other people refutations as an intention of overthrowing the government or creating instability in South Sudan,” Many citizens are aware that the leadership of President Salva Kiir is still the beacon of democracy, peace and stability in a troubled sub-region on the African continent with the help of his trusted lieutenants such as Hon. Paul Mayom Akech. Many people on the streets of Juba and other towns are mostly unconcerned about Gen. Majak Akech cheap propaganda of trying to put the president and his trusted Interior minister on political collision.

CAUTIONS: The Inspector General of Police has manipulated several workers within the president office by buying them off with a lot of money in order to carry out their ill motives of bringing down president Salva Kiir government with the help of some SPLM-IO cades who are happy with what he is doing. It was a month ago when he sent a team of his most trusted colleagues from the Police to Kigali where they met Rwandese security bosses, details of such mission are still scanty upto now pending further investigation since the visit was not warrant by H.E president Salva Kiir.

(The article is by Gabriel Akech Dieu and the views expressed herein are his and don’t belong to Ramciel Broadcasting. The writer is also a none member and the report is part of expression of freedom of speech under the constitutional right of the constitution of South Sduan. NOTE: Ramciel Don’t Claim any rights to the picture appearing in this article. It is solely being used for informative purposes only)

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