China donates more than 400 tonnes of rice to South Sudan.

A dike was already breached near the camp earlier in November and the risk of others breaking is ‘hugeA dike was already breached near the camp earlier in November and the risk of others breaking is ‘huge

The Chinese Embassy in South Sudan on Wednesday donated 416 metric tons of rice as emergency food assistance to the flood-affected states in the country.

Manase Lomole, the chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, said the contribution shows China’s continued support to the people of the world’s youngest nation.

He pointed out that South Sudan has since last year been affected by heavy floods in more than six decades, with more than 800,000 people being affected by flooding in eight of its 10 states, noting that 11 million other people are still facing food insecurity.

Over 800,000 people were reported as affected by flooding in areas along the Nile and Lol rivers, and in Sudd marshlands since May. Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile states are the worst affected.

South Sudan is ranked among the five countries in the world most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and people are already dealing with the consequences. Vast areas of the country are now under water and food insecurity is at record levels.

The humanitarian response is ongoing, but it is inadequate to meet the diverse and compounded needs of the affected people.

Urgent resources are needed to enable humanitarians to reach them. Among those impacted by the flooding, some are more vulnerable than others the elderly, the sick, children, and a large proportion of the women are impacted in ways that are unique to their circumstances, especially when people are impacted by multiple shocks multiple times. Yet, people in South Sudan strive to be resilient.

Further investment in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation is needed to avoid a repeat of flooding year after year

“Humanitarian aid alone cannot adjust food insecurity. Instead, we should tackle the root causes by reducing poverty and developing the agricultural sector,” he said, noting that China is in solidarity with the government and people of South Sudan.

Lomole thanked China for the donation and contribution to both health and humanitarian services in the country. “China has not only stood in supporting South Sudan in humanitarian services but also in the health sector,” Lomole added.

In November, the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan donated 500,000 U.S. dollars in cash and 4,000 metric tons of food relief as part of emergency humanitarian aid to the flood-affected people in South Sudan.


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