Chaotic South Sudan

South Sudanese Refugee Children in Kakuma/Photo Source: World VisionSouth Sudanese Refugee Children in Kakuma/Photo Source: World Vision

Abp: Paulino Lukudu

This article reflects the real Political Process in South Sudan and current complicated implementation of the R-ARCSS. It has not meant to offend anyone not by any way but if the size suits you, wear it properly.


When you are following South Sudan Politics closely, you will understand that we are the nation in chaos. We are ruled by Political Parties or Communities Politics.

When the High-Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) kicked off in Addis Ababa, it was Political Parties which were invited to discuss a road map and a way forward for sustainable peace in South Sudan. This story is long but to cut it short, at the end, the Political Parties signed the R-ARCSS and declared their commitment to it’s implementation in letter and spirit.

Two years down the road, the implementation of the R-ARCSS is still centered at the formation of the R-TGONU which is not completed yet. The illusion start when those who signed as friends of South Sudan are no where to be seen anymore and the Parties has grown horns. Some became superior and some became inferior, some became good boys and some became bad boys and the darkness of the implementation surfaces all over.


Note that this is shading light into the darkness rather than cursing the darkness. Treat this matter with high sense of intellectuality and responsibility.

Currently there are 9/10 Governors in South Sudan simply because another Community is rejecting the appointment of the other one stacking Governor. The question is, who is superior? The Party or the Community to decide on the fate of this nominee? Judge for yourself.

This situation is not only centered in One Governor but it has become a model for other lower appointments as well. The scenario of analog politics verse digital Politics. The nation of Communities is emerging while the nation of Political Parties is diminishing.


South Sudan is the land of drama. here you can see Whatever who haven’t witnessed in any part of the world. Ideological bankruptcy, short sighted Politicians, Confused Citizens etc.

The Political Parties ACT, The Transitional Constitution and the R-ARCSS has embarrassed multi partism and Political Pluralism. But today, your tribe can decide for your Political fate more than your Political Party or your qualifications. Indeed, we are a lost nation. E.g, when we need to have a Speaker of the PARLIAMENT, the intellectuals will say, the former Speaker was tribe A, now this chance should come for us in tribe B. Not because tribe B can deliver more than tribe A, but simple because tribe A has tested the Leadership, and now it is the turn for tribe B to test it as well. Will UNITY be attractive with such mindsets? Just illusion and confusion is the order of the day.

Somehow, one day all the 64+ tribes will be having their Political Wings (Political Parties) if our confused Leaders think it is better to use a Community ticket which is more recognized than a Political Party ticket. Of course, they are the masterminds of this tragedy because almost all of the Community Leaders are High Profile Members of the same Government either now or former. The same cliques sustaining their stay in power or getting into Power by DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY which is already been exposed.

Linking tribe with POLITICS is deadlier than CORONA VIRUS and EBOLA combined. This is disastrous for the growth of the nation. This can lead to ethnic cleansing, genocide, Tribalism, Anarchy and so forth.


South Sudan need ideological rebirth of democracy and rule of law. Separation of tribe from Politics. Healthy Political Competition.

Actually, we need new SOUTH SUDAN before any Election or else, we are sinking deeply into abyss.







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