Chagor arrives in Greater Pibor Administrative Area to strengthen ties with Pibor

Jonglei State govenror, Hon. Denay Chagor meeting with the officials in Pibor. Photo/SUPPLIEDJonglei State govenror, Hon. Denay Chagor meeting with the officials in Pibor. Photo/SUPPLIED

Governor of Jonglei State, Hon. Denay Chagor briefly arrived in Greater Pibor Administrative Area amid deeply concerning insecurity between the two states, his office has confirmed on Monday.

Chagor’s move was designed to cement the security situation of the Jonglei in the hands of armed civilian wrestling for cattle and revenge attacks.

The governor received a massive welcoming in Pibor. Probably, the first Jonglei governor visited Pibor since war broke out in the country.

“Governor Chagor arrives in Greater Pibor Administrative Area for a one-day official visit. Recently, a new Chief Administrator for Pibor was appointed and Governor Chagor felt that it’s important to work hand-in-hand for lasting peace and this should only be done through exchange visit”, read the statement.

He was accompanied by several state officials. Hon. Abraham Riek Yuek, an Advisor on Gender, Child and Social Welfare, Mr. Isidor Boutchue, UNMISS Representative in Greater Jonglei, Hon. Simon Hoth Duol, Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Hon. Malual Gabriel Kon, Minister of Peace Building, Hon. John Wiyual Gatkuoth, Minister of Finance and Investment, Hon. William Kuol Chuol, and other officials.

“Chagor had a discussion on how to bring sustainable peace with Hon. Lokoli Amei, the Chief Administrator. He also spends sometimes on meeting Government officials, Women’s representatives, Chiefs, and Community leaders. “We came here at the eve of July 9 to demonstrate peace,” Denay told the crowd. Chagor spoke to some abducted children and women from Jonglei State before the rally. One of the abductees, Nyakueka Kong who was abducted from Duk County of Jonglei State congratulated the Governor for visiting Pibor.

Chagor urged the youth to spend their time on agriculture instead of engaging in cattle rustling. He appreciated the UNMISS and other partners for working on the clock to make sure that peace is realized. On his part, the Chief Administrator promised to collaboratively address the issue”, further stated the statement.

Observers believe his visit will strengthen ties and unity between Jonglei and Pibor.

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