Category of the SPLM/A-IO members currently in South Sudan

Crown Hotel, Juba South SudanCrown Hotel, Juba South Sudan

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During the war time SPLM-IO members were working together by supporting only one objective “the reform agenda, but at this fake peace agreement so called revitalize peace agreement they have different ideas that supporting different agendas which divided them into three groups.


This is called the interesting group that supporting movement’s chairman as the person not the objective of the movement.

This group comprised of food fighters the position seekers and free loaders; they stand strongly behind Comrade Hon chairman for them not to lost their self gained agenda. Once you said chairman is going in wrong direction they all become furious and all become your enemy by treating you as the movement’s enemy or anti-peace element while they are there doing nothing in peace implementation.


This is called the silent group that supporting neither comrade Hon chairman nor movement’s objective ” they are just loitering confusingly by doing nothing between interesting group and reformists.

This group consist of onlookers or bystanders who have nothing to do on both sides; if you try to correct the mess being made by movement’s chairman they may say you are wrong and if saying chairman is still in his good position and he is now in Juba for peace implementation they may also say you are wrong, something which is too misstep in human action.

What type of human beings are they?


This is called reformists; this group of people are mess correctors within SPLM-IO movement and also fighting courageously for reform agenda, freedom, equality, justice and prosperity for people of South Sudan entirely, they are real force of regime change under dictatorship of Salva Kiir Mayardit so that the government system will be codified with rule of law that will safeguard the country citizens in equal right.

They are force ready to face the current challenges that have caused by political set up in country, they are force ready and capable to deal with corruption and nepotism and eliminate the tribalism as well.

Reformists have a clear vision and mission toward South Sudan for South Sudanese to live in unity and in peaceful mean in their respective nation the promise land given to them by Almighty God.

This is the question need to be answered: Which one of the above-mentioned groups need our collective support we all South Sudanese for the sake of our people to live peacefully and tranquility?

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