Calls for Twic Administrative Area are nonsensical

Agel MacharAgel Machar

SGT Agel Ring Machar

I have witnessed with some degree of concern, the growing calls for Twic Mayardit Administrative Area on social media by some seemingly disgruntled quarters within Twic Mayardit Community. It’s absurd and nonsensical. Find your nearest rubbish binĀ and drop that idea there.

What’s an “Administrative Area” in context of South Sudan and how did we arrive at our current 3 Administrative Areas?

ABYEI ADMINISTRATIVE AREA; an area claimed by both countries and hence has to be managed at the level of Presidency of both countries until its final status is determined.

RUWENG & PIBOR ADMINISTRATIVE ARES; on the other hand, came as a result of their people’s desire to escape domination by other larger communities in Unity and Jonglei States respectively. They felt that their interests would best be protected if administered directly by the president at the presidency.

Now tell me exactly, from who’s domination and/or marginalisation is Twic Mayardit running from or running to? Are they running from Rek Dinka domination in Warrap to be administered by the president? Who is also Rek Dinka? Or what’s the logic? Please let’s quit this madness Mayarwa!

If the issue is the presidential appointments and disappointments such as the quick removals of Gen Panek Biar as Governor of Warrap and previously the defunct Twic State then this is a normal Administrative procedure.

Remember that the same president who appointed and removed Gen Panek Biar and Hon Goc Makuach within few months is the same one who appointed Hon Nyuol Justin Yac to the helm of Human Rights Commission about 6 years ago. He hasn’t been removed upto now.

Just lobby for the right job that you are qualified and well prepared for and perform well in it. Thats what Twic Mayardit is known for; excellence. You will not be removed simply because you are from Twic Mayardit.



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