Call for the Minister of Defense, Hon. Angelina Teny to resign on the increase

Hon. Angelina Teny with the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir MayarditHon. Angelina Teny with the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit

Members of the Armed Opposition, SPLM/A-IO were outrageous by the comments made by Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Hon. Angelina Teny, describing her role in the ministry as merely “pictorial” with no power to make the necessary changes needed. 

Teny made the remarks on an interview with Mathiang Cirilo show at her office in Bilpam Military Headquarters on Friday last week. The interview quickly goes viral. 

According to the interview, Teny was asked to elaborate why Unified Forces at the training centers are not graduating? Her remarks shocked the supporters of the SPLM/A-IO. 

She admits having no important role or powers to execute changes in the ministry. 

Speaking to Mach from Koch County, Unity State, the Minister of Defense’s comments will hurt the leadership of IO and the movement at large. He believes many people are discouraged and the enemies will cement the gap to destroy the Movement internally and eternally.  

“What do you think will happens now? If the top member of the movement openly admitted that she has no power to execute duties. What about the juniors. Remember she is the most powerful person in IO after FVP, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.”

He calls upon her to just quit and the SPLM/A-IO will appoint someone else to stand up against the Lion in the ministry. 

“I think the best thing for her to do right now is to resign.” He added.

Hon. Sarah Nyanaath Yong, an outspoken member of the civil rights group and also an active member of the SPLM/A-IO also joins the call for the Minister of Defense to resign. 

“Whom does she expect to guide her on what to do? If she wishes to play a role of an actress or a leader so be it. She has been appointed as a minister if she cannot do it why not resigned?

The same sentiment is being felt by SPLM/-IO members in the diaspora. 

She should not resign

While many were disappointed, others feel she should not resign. Speaking with Taidor from Khartoum, Sudan, those calling for the resignation of the Hon. Angelina Teny has lost it. Whoever shall come after her still face the same problem, he alleges. 

“Let me tell you this, there is no point in asking the Right Honorable to resign from her position. What these people don’t understand is that no matter who comes in Kiir is still the president, and JCE is in charge. They all face the same problem.”

Teny is currently the country’s Defense Minister and SPLM/A-IO Chairperson of the National Committee for Security and Defense. A position she holds for the last 5 years. Her office oversees the reunification of the armed opposition and government forces into a professional national army.

However, due to a lack of funding to maintain soldiers in the training centers across the country, thousands of soldiers had deserted their stations. 


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