By all accounts, the Peace Agreement in Juba is effectively DEAD

FILE PHOTO/COURTESY: Left, H.E President Kiir and Right, FVP. Dr Riek Machar posing for a picture after in J1, Juba, Republic of South Sudan


By: Gathak Pal Ruei

The Peace Agreement in Juba By All Accounts is Effectively Dead: History is Repeating Itself.

The repeat of the 1972 agreement phenomenon is now playing out itself in the open in prior to circumstances surrounding the current 2020 peace agreement in Juba.

This development appears to be an exact repeat of 1972 agreement phenomenon when majority of rebel soldiers of Anyanya one from Southern Sudan were discriminated and unfairly screened by the regime in Khartoum through the notorious process known as the “Left Turns”. That event caused vast majority of the Anyanya one troops abandoned in the bush, as it’s the case now with respect to the IO soldiers who are left behind in the bush in 2020. And as a consequence, the turn of events gave rise to the formation of the Anyanya two movement led by Benson Kuany Latjor after they staged a mutiny in 1975 in Akobo town.

In comparison to the 1972 agreement which denied ten of thousands of the Anyanya one rebel troops being amalgamated, unified and merged with the Khartoum government troops, now that the regime in Juba has deployed the similar tactics and strategies by denying, blocking and obstructing amalgamation, unification and merger of the SPLA-IO troops with SSPDF troops.

Once more and as of now 2020, the regime in Juba is still engaged in deploying the same segregation and discriminatory tactics and strategies used by the regime in Khartoum in 1972 by now denying and rejecting SPLA-IO troops to be amalgamated, merged and unified with the SSPDF troops as stipulated in 2018 agreement to form the basis of a national armed forces of South Sudan. Could this be the reason as to why the Juba regime has succeeded in copycatting from the playbook of the 1972 agreement such that the regime is now completely rigged, dismantled and killed security arrangements as we all know? It’s history repeating its itself!

If people do believe in logic and trust that this is a genuine peace, why is it that the SPLA-IO troops who fought 7 year war courageously, can be intentionally ignored, and excluded in the peace process and finally left behind in the bush including the whole command structure, under uncleared circumstances, directives and direction? Now, by all indication of facts and evidences as they play out themselves in the open in this point of time, 8 months passed in vain since the so called Government of National Unity formation back in February, 2020.

It should be understood and concluded that the peace agreement was effectively dead on arrival with clear evidence that the SPLA-IO troops are abandoned in the bush intentionally. Currently, there is no doubt in everyone’s mind that the SPLA-IO troops are technically not part of the agreement in Juba as we speak. And this signifies a clear evident that the deal in Juba is not really a genuine deal, but a surrendered pact. This is fact of the day! This is an open secret!

In other words, the absent of security arrangements not being implemented has effectively killed the 2018 peace agreement completely and anybody who thinks contrary to this narrative are fooling themselves. So, this has been the fundamental strategic position of the regime in Juba to work against implementing security arrangements from the outset with intend to completely disbanded and destroyed SPLM/A-IO once and for all.

Another infamous event in history to take note on is the process of so called the “Unconfirmed” screening episode of 2006-2008 when Salva Kiir regime ordered the rejection of vast majority of former SPLA soldiers under Dr.Machar to be integrated into the SPLA army, labeling them as “unconfirmed” ragtag!Looking it from the eyes of history, it’s history repeating itself all over again before our eyes!Therefore, in 2020, the SPLM/A-IO leadership should not have involved in committing another historical mistakes similar to 1972 and (2006-2008) when soldiers of the respective movements were neglected, discriminated and excluded in the peace process.

These historical blunders should not have been repeated by the IO movement again in 2020. History is a great lesson to learn from. It’s essential to learn from history to confront and rectify present complex circumstances.If we continue to be committed the same mistake over and over again and expected to get a different outcomes, that would amount to a total insanity! Total stupidity! And that is why it’s pivotal than ever at this point in time that the IO movement must be reformed to be a better organized and stronger political movement capable to correct and prevent the events of 1972 and (2006-2008) not to repeat themselves again in these generations.However, the good news is that the SPLM/A-IO organizational structure is not surrendered to the regime entirely, despite the fact that its leadership top brass surrendered.

The IO system as a political movement is not surrendered to the regime in Juba in a wholesale manner. It’s largely still intact in its occupies territory across South Sudan. Therefore, it just needed to be restructured, reorganized, redirected and reformed to make it a formidable alternative force of change that will work to answer the sufferings of all the marginalized populations in South Sudan.Viva reformists!Viva SPLM/A-IO!Viva South Sudan!

(RB do not share in the opinions written by the writer. For any querry related to the article, you can contact the writer as Gathak Pal Ruei on his Facebook Account. He is a political activist)

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