Bulbul release a new hit song “Your Queen” driving fans wild

Bulbul and Tommy HailuBulbul and Tommy Hailu

South Sudanese singer, dancer and rapper, Ltd Bulbul released a new hit song on Monday driving fans wild. Bulbul who has been silent throughout the 2020 returns this week with more favor to his music. 

The Do Me singer hitmaker said the new video will change “the dynamic “South Sudan music industry. 

Bulbul known for his expensive video and massive collaboration with international singers is on the move to change things in the new nation.

Currently, Bulbul is in Uganda creating a different scale of music. He also revealed to Ramciel that he is in touch with the former Square singer, Peter pushing for a collaboration.

“You know I am here to make sure each day I improve myself. The level at which Peter is taking his music the next big thing in the world. I like this man. He inspired me and each day I work hard hoping someday to do a Collabo with him. I will not give up. This man inspired” 

Bulbul and Tommy Hailu

Bulbul and Tommy Hailu

In 2018 and 2019, Bulbul with his team member, The Good Guys association made several collabo with international artists like famous Ethiopia singer, Gildo Kasa, and Award-winning singer and dancer, Tommy Hailu. 





But 2020 was a hard year because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus making his work difficult. This week, he returns and nothing is stopping him, he told Ramciel on Tuesday. 


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