Brutal treatment & murder in Libya: Video footage of young S.Sudanese men

South Sudanese manSouth Sudanese man

A video footage of young South Sudanese who have left South Sudan, heading to Europe via Libya has emerged and outraged internet users.

The men were being brutality treated before being murdered in Libya by armed Libyans.

The young man being mistreated here is from Upper Nile State, Maiwut. It is alleged that he left for better life to Europe but only to be captured at the coast of Libyan and subjected to inhumane treatment.

Cases of armed Libyans inhumanly treating other Africans have been recorded at high number on the last 5 years.

Most S.Sudanese who flee the country due to economic hardship and political instability have been part of the victims and immigrants of which some are usually saved by humanitarian organizations at the European coasts. Most don’t make it and get killed in Libya.

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