Brig. Gen. Majier Abdalla Mabor Arrested in connection to the death of Lual Akook

Brig. Gen. Majier Abdalla Mabior/photo: supplied

Brig. Gen. Majier Abdalla arrested in connection to the death of Col. Lual Akok Wol Kiir a distance relative to the president of South Sudan. Col. Lual was killed on June 3, after his soldiers opened fire to the residents in Shirikat, Juba.

A committee was formed last month to investigate the incidence, but surprisingly, among the top suspects is Brig. Gen. Majier Abdalla from Bor.

Majier is being accused of killing Lual and a letter of his arrest was issued last week. He is now in prison with no trial.

According to a letter seen by Ramciel Broadcasting over the weekend, the Inspector General of the Police Service requested the office of Director-General of the National Security for the External Affairs, Gen. Thomas Duoth to immediately hand over, Brig. Gen. Majier to the police service.

See the below letter for further clarification.

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