Breaking: Ugandan Scientists claims they found vaccine for HIV/AIDS

This week, Uganda announced a break through in a fight against HIV/AIDS. A country with high percentage of people living with HIV, this finding could be a lifesaver.

According to Emmanuel Ainebyoona, a Senior Public Relations Officer in Ministry of Health Uganda, and a former Health Reporter at Daily Monitor, and currently a postgraduate student in J&C at Makerere University.  

Emmanuel break the news on Tuesday on his twitter account. He claims the country already started HIV and AIDS vaccine.

“Today, Uganda started efficacy Vaccine trials for HIV/Aids in Masaka.”

Emmanuel did not specific for how long the country has been developing the vaccine, however he said, they are already on the thrid stage which could mean, if effective, a great scientific improvement in a fight against HIV/Aids.

“The HIV Vaccine has reached its stage three trails to establish whether the vaccine can protect individuals from HIV. The vaccine trail are being spearheaded by UVRlug at the Ministry of Health UG.

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