Breaking: Uganda on brink of civil war as Uganda Federal Democratic Front emerged

Thousands rejected as UPDF recruitment end/photo: chimpreportsThousands rejected as UPDF recruitment end/photo: chimpreports

Uganda may be heading in into a civil war as UPDF generals begins taking sides in the current political set up. According the document obtained by our sources in Uganda, president Yoweri Museveni is deploying his military heads led by his son to control the election results. These angered some prominent army generals in the country.

Document obtained by ramciel an order from president museveni asking army generals to take charge during election

Document obtained by Ramciel an order from president Museveni asking army generals to take charge during election

Meanwhile, the “People Power” is gaining massive loyalty within the army as Ugandans goes to polls in less than 14 days.

According to a document obtained by Ramciel correspondents from Uganda, the newly emerged army wing of National Unity Plateform (NUP), Uganda Federal Democratic Front [U.F.D.F.] sent a letter of warning to the chairman of Uganda Electoral Commission, Justice Byabakam.

“welcome to the legal jungle of people power mission 2021 revolution: the new Uganda by ballow or by bullet” title of the letter read.

“This Message Is For The Uganda Electoral Commission and Chairman Justice Byabakama”

Brig. Gen. Segujja Joseph Patrick the new commander of Uganda Federal Democratic Front [U.F.D.F] warned electoral commission about involvement in support of “a dictator hiding in pseudo-democracy” with severe consequences. The new army faction blames the head of election of allowing the security forces to brutally carry out the duties of the commission.

“Please, Justice Byabakama, You Have Allowed The Security Forces, UPDF/SFC/UPF to Brutally Carry Out The Duties of The Uganda Electoral Commission And Disable And Kill Opposition Supporters With Impunity During Elections?”

“The message is clear; you are in support of a wolf clad in sheepskin! A dictator hiding in pseudo-democracy! A cold blood killer! A tormentor with a sadistic heart! A white-collar version of a blue-collar burglar, rapist, and serial killer!”

Their mission is to “rescue Ugandans and rebuild Uganda” destroyed by the current regime under president Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for more than 30 years.

“Our mission is clear and fully partaken by Ugandans to rescue Ugandans and rebuild Uganda. The BCD refugees are destined to becoming refugees again. They must leave with nothing as they came.”

The commander assures the public that their mission remains unaltered and the Grand Finale is around the corner.

An attempt to reach Bobi Wine to confirm this development was not possible. Ramciel could not independently verify this claim.



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