Breaking: Sudan to hand Bashir over to ICC

IMG 20201006 WA0019Former President of the Sudan Omar Bashir Photo Courtesy/Getty Images

The Transitional Government of Sudan has finally agreed to hands over the former president, Omar Hassan el Bashir to the International Criminal Court-ICC, sources familiar with the matter told Ramciel on Tuesday.

Former powerful Sudan’s strongman will face possible International prosecution due to his involvement in the Darfur genocide in 2003.

This week, an International Criminal Court-ICC delegates arrived in Sudanese Capital, Khartoum seek to strike a new deal with the new civilian regime in regards to Bashir’s case.

“Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is currently in Sudan to discuss the prosecution of the former president, Bashir.” Mohamad el Nur, a member of the civil society, told Ramciel via phone.

It will be the first time in the history of ICC for a prosecutor to visit Sudan. In the past, many leaders have described Bensouda as a resilience counsel who hates to lose her cause. For the past ten years, she was task with some of the cases known in the history of ICC. To prosecute Bashir is a victory she is not taking for granted: a lesson for Africa dictators who tacked to power and commit genocides.

The former deposed president is a target of war crimes, crimes against humanity for the Darfur Genocide. Along with him, almost 27 individuals are in prison with him.

The Sudanese court in Khartoum already put the former president and his co-accused behind the bar. They are enticed for corruption, 1987 coup de tat, and several others counts including, killing, harming civilians during recent riots while he was still in power. With these charges, Bashir faces up-to 27 years and his colleagues.

“The president is currently behind the bar. If he finds quilt, well, guess what? Up to more than 27 years in jail or possibly a death sentence.” Mohamad added.

Mohamad believed it is a lesson that African leaders should learn about the importance of democracy.

“Well, if you think staying in power is the best choice, learn from Bashir.” He told Ramciel.

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