Breaking: SSNM Chairman Endorses Hon. Duer Tut to Replace Dr. Machar As IO Leader

Dr. Sandro Chuar, Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of South Sudan National Movement/photo: supplied

In a surprising move this week, Dr. Sandro Juet, the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of South Sudan National Movement (SSNM) endorses Hon. Duer Tut Duer to replace SPLM/A-IO chairman and commander-in-Chief, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

In his recent statement seen by Ramciel Broadcasting, Dr. Sandro stressed the need to change the leadership in greater Upper Nile suggesting should Hon. Duer Tut declares himself, his movement will amicably work with him.

He believes SPLM/A-IO has been killed and hijacked by what he termed as “Guandit and Maandit” referring to Dr. Machar and Angelina Teny respectively.

He ridiculed the two principles of IO of turning the national movement into a sort of ‘nepotism’ hub. SPLM/A-IO is “politically dead” he had said.

“Should Hon. Duer Tut Duer takes over IO leadership, inject some wisdom and effectiveness into the politically dead and nepotism riddled IO of Guandit and Maandit, the SSNM will work hand in hand with Duer’s leadership to revive and revolutionize the greatness of our people again and for good!”

He announced the SSNM’s readiness to work all the political parties showing seriousness to contribute and make a real change in the country.

“The SSNM is ready to work with all the political forces that are serious of making a real change in South Sudan and not those who are only seeking positions and wealth through courting Kiir Mayardit”

Hon. Duer Tut is widely seen as the next political Kingpin in Upper Nile State by many people in that region and in Central Equatoria as well (The fed up polticians of IO)

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