Breaking: Shooting at 12 AM inside Juba POCs left one dead

Juba POCs/PHOTO CreditedJuba POCs/PHOTO Credited

Shooting inside the POCs in Juba left one dead, Ramciel has learned.

On Tuesday, the civilians seeking protection at the UN House POCs were shocked by the indiscrimination shooting which left one person dead. The killer remains at large.

Speaking to Gatkuoth inside the POCs, the security of more than 50 thousand civilians inside the UNMISS is not guaranteed anymore.

“Someone from outside came inside the UNMISS with a gun and shoot at the people. He killed one person. We are insecure.”

Asked whether the person has been captured or still at large, Gatkuoth said it was difficult to identify the killer since no proper security in charge of protecting the civilian.

“We do not know the person. I can not tell you where the killer is. All I understand is that it was a revenge killing. The killer came knowing that no one is protecting the IDPs. It was easy to get through with a gun.”

South Sudan is currently hosting more the 200 000 internally displaced people across the country. The IDPs have been in the protection camps for the last 7 years of the deadly South Sudan civil war.

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