Breaking news: South Sudan lost Amb. Telar Ring

Career politician and prominent Lawyer, late Telar Ring Deng/photo: suppliedCareer politician and prominent Lawyer, late Telar Ring Deng/photo: supplied

South Sudan has lost an iconic figure. Former legal advisor to president Salva Kiir Mayardit is dead. The family of Telar Ring has confirmed his demise today evening in South Sudan capital, Juba. Telar passed away in the early evening hours in Juba, the family confirmed.

He died as a result of contacted the COVID-19 this week.

In the Christmas, Amb. Telar confirmed to have tested positive for Corona Virus Disease 2019.

“On 24th December 2020, I tested positive for COVID-19 while undergoing treatment at Aspen Medical Centre after a short period of illness. I was immediately transferred to the IDU and currently stable,”

Telar confirmed before his heath deteriorated.

The family of Telar Ring has however warned the public to not engage or politicize his death which many could attribute to politics.


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Telar Ring Deng is a South Sudanese politician. Telar is an Atout Dinka, hailing from Yirol.[1] When the SPLA split, Telar sided with SPLA-Nasir.[2] Together with Deng Ayuen Kurr, Telar was the most prominent Dinka leader in SPLA-Nasir.[3] Telar and Deng accompanied Lam Akol during his two-month stay in Western Europe. However Telar and Deng left SPLA-Nasir after the Frankfurt talks, disappointed that separation had not been mentioned in the documents of the peace talks and the rapprochement between SPLA-Nasir and the Khartoum government.[2] Telar and Deng returned to the mainstream faction of the SPLA/SPLM.[4]

Telar also represented the New Sudan Council of Churches for a period.[1][5] He was also a negotiator for Riek Machar during reconciliation with the SPLM.[1] He reappointed by President Kiir as Legal Advisor a post that he served before named designate Justice Minister.

During the CPA period, Telar was named Minister of the Presidency of Southern Sudan. However, he was expelled from the SPLM by a presidential decree of President Salva Kiir on November 23, 2007.[6] Telar was reinstated as a SPLM member on August 28, 2009.[7]

In 2013 Telar was named Minister of Justice by President Salva Kiir. However, on August 13, 2013 the parliament of South Sudan voted by majority against Telar’s nomination.[8] 150 MPs voted against Telar’s appointment, 97 in favour. This was the first time a presidential nomination for minister had been rejected by the South Sudanese parliament.[9]

In October 2014 he was reportedly named as the new South Sudanese envoy to the Russian Federation,[10] a post he held until resigning in January 2018.

telar ring
Telar Ring Deng

Telar was a smart politicians who was actively involved during the liberation struggle.

His absence will surely be missed in South Sudan political arena.

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