Breaking: Hon. Tutkew Gatluak Under ICC Investigation for War Crimes

South Sudan Presidential Advisor on Security and Chairman of NPTC/Photo credit/nyamilpediaSouth Sudan Presidential Advisor on Security and Chairman of NPTC/Photo credit/nyamilpedia

June 16, 2020 (RB), United Nations Security Council and ICC are now deeply engaged in an investigating process targeting president Kiir’s security advisor Hon. Tutkew Gatluak on possible crimes against humanity.

According to a document seen by Ramciel Broadcasting editorial team, the document detailed Tut’s involvement in tribal clashes across the country. It reads:

“The U.N has received intelligence reports regarding possible instigation of crimes against humanity by authorities in high positions in South Sudan. The report points out that Mr. Tut, a high ranking official in President Kiir’s government is igniting tribal chaos and arming militia fueling more insecurity in the war-torn country as a result”  

Mr. Tut is the top-level official closest to the president of South Sudan in particular matters related to the security. The chairman of the NPTC is believed to have stolen millions of dollars due to the implementation process. The new shocking report alleged that Mr. Tut is now arming his tribal men to cause chaos in the world’s young nation.

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In a leaked document, the UN, officially made it clear that the investigation against Tut is on and his name has been forwarded to ICC by the U.N. Security Council leadership.

“To this end, his intentions are not yet known. Owing too new information that has been received by the U/N Security Council investigations have begun into the possibility of Tut Gatluak having committed crimes against humanity”

“His name has been already been forwarded to the ICC”

Hon. Tutkew Gatluak Manime is a South Sudan Presidential advisor for Security Affairs and also Chairman of the National Pre-Transitional Committee.

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