BREAKING NEWS: Gatwech disowned: Sector Commandants of  SPLA-IO, confirm Their loyalty to Machar

SPLA-IO Leaders in a meetingSPLA-IO Leaders in a meeting

A levelled ground continues to soar as leaders of the prominent SPLA-IO continue to raise eyebrows that envisage a Hunter-Hunted scenario in the country’s unprecedented politics. Commander in Chief, also opposition stronghold leader Dr. Riak Machar party leadership takes a bazair shift.

This evening, In response to yesterday’s declaration by a section of leaders who claimed to have ousted Dr. Riak Machar have received a timely response from the official party leadership.

The opposition commandants of sectors two, three and four, in a joint statement issued a clarification to the country condemning to the strongest terms possible the declaration by General Gatwech describing it as a mockery to the established peace process and a move intended to distort the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement of 2018.

The section commandants further and reassured the country of their full support for Machar.

Following yesterday’s declaration by General Simon Gatwech, an emergency meeting was this morning convened by Sector 4 and Division 3 Leadership at Mandeng General Headquarter.

Despite all the drama ensuing, for now, all is at a standstill as Section commandants sprint to bring the situation under control. General Simon Gatwech declared himself the leader of the main armed opposition group and appointed General Johnson Olony Thabo, the group’s sector one commander, as his deputy and said SPLM-IO Political Bureau and National Liberation Council were dissolved in yesterdays declaration.

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