Breaking News: Egyptian Military Spot at The South Sudan-Ethiopia Borders, New Video Leaked

June 07, 2020 (RB), In a video leaked to the RB by a private South Sudanese military intelligence officer, who is deeply concerned about South Sudan government’s involvement in Ethio-Egypt crisis; Cairo is training South Sudan Army at Mabaan mountain, 30 kilometres away from Maiwut county.

Last week, the South Sudan government denied any link or ever granting Egypt a military base in Maiwut, a town 20 Kilometres away with Ethiopia borders. However, recent details of the video leaked to our desk just added more fuel to an already escalating situation and are suspicious.

The video showed a well-equipped South Sudan armed battalion singing war songs in Arabic with Egyptian military personnel overseeing the parade. The source who refused to be mentioned due to security concerns stated that Egypt promised military victory to South Sudan in case war broke out in the world’s youngest nation. In addition to specify military funds and equipment.
Video appearing on Ramciel Broadcasting Facebook page. Via this link you can access it.

“It is not a good thing because the Greater Upper Nile will be turned into a war zone if both Egypt and Ethiopia go for war. This is why I am concerned. South Sudan can be made a War-field by these two nations. Sadly, the government is allowing that due to the promised of Cairo helping to win the war against rebels”

“What you are seeing in the video is the new military base given to Egypt by the South Sudan government 5 months ago. It is located at Mabaan Mountain near Maiwut county. I think it is closer with Ethiopia there, but I don’t know the estimate. There is another location in Boma with Egypt building bunkers in circumstances of any military stand out with Ethiopia” He told RB editorial desk.

The relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) for the last 8 years has been a pain in the negotiation table. The main disagreement is the level and the period of filling of the massive infrastructural dam. The dam is set to be the first largest and the biggest ever built by an Africa nation. It will supply electricity to the Ethiopia citizens and trade some of the energy to the rest of neighboring countries. A new game changing in the region and Ethiopia progressing.

While the dam glorifies Ethiopia’s developmental progress, over 100 million Egyptians citizens’ lives are at risk due to lack of water resources. Water as the main commodity to Egypt than anything else, the nation is ready to sacrifice a few of its men and women, something Ethiopia is highly ready to welcome.

Failure for the two nations to reach an agreement can easily unleash unnecessary regional war. Although Ethiopia is keen not to involve herself in external circumstances outside her borders, late Ethiopia premier Melese Zenawi warned that if Cairo ever attacks-those who ever set foot in Ethiopia and escape lived to tell the story-a threat Egypt continues to ignore.

Egypt is one of the most advanced military might in Africa, but it never won any war.  Ethiopia on the other hand birthed a couple of victories under her belt. An attempt by Cairo will automatically activate their ancient pride, Cairo’s victory in such circumstances is unlikely. Negotiation would do good for the horn of Africa!

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