Breaking: National Assembly to give Kiir six more years in power

South Sudan National AssemblySouth Sudan National Assembly

Transitional National Legislative Assembly will early next month endorse a motion to give President Salva Kiir Mayardit six more years in power, a source close to the newly appointed TNLA Speaker has informed Ramciel.

The Khartoum Peace Agreement that returned FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny to Juba will expire in less than two weeks. To avoid another agreement with the rebels, parliament will pass a motion to extend President Kiir’s leadership for another six years.

An authorized person will inform the people of South Sudan soon, the source stated.

The parliament was to recommence on Monday, August 30. However, the nationwide protest has disrupted the intention, the source added. Country, the internet has been closed down. Several protesters, journalists and activists were arrested on Monday morning.

“The first national mandate for this newly appointed TNLA is to pass a bill that empowers, endorse and give President Salva Mayardit another six years in power to carry out with the national development and maintenance of the security in the country. The TNLA was to recommence on Monday, but because of the insecurity pose by the protesters, it has halted.”

But it will be the first thing early in September. The Khartoum Peace Agreement is soon to come to an end. The new parliamentarians will decide the future of the country.”

The opposition, of course, will oppose the motion, but he said that through the ballot in the parliament with a majority of 60 percent supporting President Salva Kiir or rather member of the SPLM mainstream will decide.

“Even if the opposition unites, 60 percent of the current members of parliament are SPLM mainstream or rather support H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit. We only need a little above 50 percent to win. So, the President has the upper hand in all settings in the parliament.”

On August 2, the President appointed a new speaker, H.E Jemma Nunu Kumba, to overseas and manage the affairs of the TNLA. The President, with more power against his rival FVP. Dr. Riek Machar has too little to decide the agenda for change in the country or pass bills that favour his political ideology.

“The enemy is no long Machar but those holdout rebels, Kitwang to be exact. Machar will be exhausted politically by the majority in the parliament.”

South Sudan civil war has killed nearly 500,000. Massive humanitarian crisis across the country. Hundreds of thousands of Civilians are internally displaced, more than 2 million in neighbouring countries. Freedom of expression and assembly is worsening.

The disposal of FVP Machar by his group led by powerful former SPLM/A-IO Chief of Staff Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual is a threat to the peace implementation. Gen. Gatwech has demanded the security arrangements be implemented.

Whether he will negotiate with the government or carry on with the rebellion is not yet clear.

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