BREAKING: Military Intelligence Detaining a South Sudanese Pilot | Juba

FILE Photo: Extracted/Facebook

26/06/2020, Juba (RB) – a South Sudanese pilot is being held hostage by South Sudanese Military Intelligence in Juba under unknown circumstances. According to a close family member who decried the incident and lamented on Facebook, it has been 5 days and no solution pertaining to his release is surfacing.

Hi everyone, this is to update concern family members, relatives and friends that my brothers, Marial and Biar Deng Aleer are still being held in detention by the Military Intelligence (MI) in Juba, South Sudan. Just to give you a little background of the circumstances leading to their arrest. My brothers operate a small passengers plane that fly daily to major towns in South Sudan. Marial Deng Aleer is a pilot in training (P.I.T) while Biar Deng Aleer is an employee of this small business operation. They are both civilian and self-employed. During a routine fly to Panyangoor, Jonglei state, South Sudan. Marial and the crew members (a Kenyan pilot and Ethiopian co-pilot) brought back to Juba some seriously wounded people from the recent Murle attacked in Panyangoor to seek further medical attention. Biar on the other hand was in Juba, working at the Airport. Marial and the crew members were arrested on arrival from Panyangoor for carrying wounded people. They also, arrested Biar who never left the airport the entire time, possibly because he is Marial brother.That sound ridiculous but some people familiar with Kiir’s administration would attest to this, that according to Juba government, that is a legitimate reason to warrant arrest in Kiir regulated South Sudan. People have been arrested and kill for some weird reasons in Juba, so this is a pretty good ground to arrest and detain someone in South Sudan. Matter of fact, there are several incidences where people are arbitrary arrested and detain for days, or months for the arresting authority to have enough time to make up reasons and charges to justify the arrest. After following up with MI senior management, it was established that, they didn’t have a strong case against my brothers and the crew members and they agreed that they will release them immediately but it has been over 5 days now and they keeps reneging on their promised. The two foreigners were released but my brothers are still being held up.This seems to be a politically motivated arrest and detention because they have been shifting excuses, made up allegations and charges against my brothers, first it was because they transported wounded people, then they shifted to accusing them of transporting ammunition that they claimed were picked up in Mading Bor, which was just a shameless ignorant lie, since they never stopped in Mading Bor that day, and now they are interrogating and torturing them to confess anyone that sent them to Panyangoor so that they can use that to frame some of the leaders from that region. It’s extremely sad and frustrating for Kiir’s government to mistreat the powerless citizens this much, they should know that no situation is permanent, the table may turn sooner or later. I hope they will release them soon or charge them in a civilian court as soon as possible if they have a legitimate case and evident against them. This excessive abuse of power and authority must STOP!!

South Sudan Security organ has been known of detaining citizens under unknown circumstances which are sometimes decried by the Amnesty International. Youth, and activists have been victims of what many people refer to as ABUSE OF POWER by the government.

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