Breaking: Malong appoints former SSBC journalist as the new spokesperson for SSUF – RB

General Paul Malong Awan {PHOTO: COURTESY]General Paul Malong Awan {PHOTO: COURTESY]

The Commander in Chief of South Sudan United Front, the rebel group formed after J1 dogfight in 2016.

According to a letter extended to Ramciel Broadcasting, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, the former Chief of Staff for Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) which is now South Sudan [People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF).



Chol Duang is a former South Sudan Broadcasting Journalist working who worked with the Presidential press unit. He is also a literacy activist.

Assuming the role as the letter indicates, Chol becomes the new rebel spokesperson for South Sudan United Front (SSUF).

Unlike NAS, SSUF has not be actively engaged in battles against South Sudan army. Though it is alleged that they have combined forces with National Salvation Front (NAS). it has never come out boldly to claim an attack.

Nearly wo weeks ago, the peace talks between the both rebel groups and the government was scheduled to take place in Rome, Italy where delegates of the government and those of Malong (Malong included) and Cirilo are to meet.

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