Breaking: Juba Crown Hotel evict officials demand over 10 million USD

Crown Hotel, Juba South SudanCrown Hotel, Juba South Sudan

By Staff Writer Mak Mak

Juba, South Sudan

South Sudan government will pay over $10 million to nine hotels for officials’ accommodation bills for the period of 2 years, a document obtained by Ramciel indicated.

The managers of nine hotels signed a letter of request to president Salva Kiir’s chief security advisor, Tut Gatluak Miame on Tuesday. They demand immediate payment of the bills or they will evict the clients currently occupying their premises, illegally.

The letter was addressed to the Office of the Chairperson of National Transitional Committee (NTC) and/or President Advisor for Security Affairs on demands of the accommodation arrears which has been accumulating since 2019, the letter indicated.

South Sudan government had a culture of accommodating officials in hotels, with some sources suggesting, the country spent over half a billion in accommodation since 2005. All the money goes to foreigners owned hotels that do not in turn invest in the country.

The urgent appeal for settlement of hotel accommodation arrears was issued and signed by the companies’ top managers. The hotels’ bills continue to accrue and the government is doing nothing to pay the money.

Dear client”, part of the read. “In reference to our final notice letters dated November 2nd, 2020 and November 3rd, 2020 respectively regarding hotels arears, it is very clear that our hotels’ apartments’ offices had informed your Office of the Chairperson of National Transitional Committee (NTC) and/or Presidential Advisor for Security Affairs on demands of the accommodation arrears that had accrued and still accruing to or above 10 million USD without a plan (s) for payment.”

Letter from the nine hotels managers

Letter from the nine hotels managers

The hotels demand the chairman, Mr. Tut Gatluak to act or his clients will be removed.

“Sir, it seems that your Chairmanship’s office is not responding to our requests for settlement of our past due account since 2019 to present date, indeed, we in the business community want to inform your office that we have responsibilities to workers and as well as to other credits we owe to other business communities in the market.”

Due to no response from Tut office, thus; five days has been given to settle the bills or face the music.

“Last but not the least, we are again giving your honorable office final notice of five days to relocate your clients from our accommodation hotels & apartments for normal businesses or pay in advance for their further accommodation services.”

South Sudan is said to be food insecure. More than 2 million seeking refugee in the neighboring countries. According to UN reports, over half a million died and hundreds of thousands are internally displaced persons.

Recent reports suggest the country could be facing one of the biggest famines ever recorded in the continent.

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