Breaking: Juba city Mayor, Thiik Thiik Mayardit beats Veterans Security Services Boss

VSS Boss reportedly beaten by the Juba city Mayor/PHOTO: SuppliedVSS Boss reportedly beaten by the Juba city Mayor/PHOTO: Supplied

The Juba City Mayor, Thiik Thiik Mayardit, a relative to the president of the Republic of South Sudan has on Tuesday taken law into his own hands. He beats the C.E.O of VSS.

After months of pushing for reforms within Veterans Security Services-VSS, a foreign-owned security company operating in South Sudan, Thiik had had enough. It was reported that he hits the company’s CEO and detained, other 2 staff.

An eyewitness who talked to Ramciel indicates that the situation was nearly out of the control.

“The Mayor ordered the boss of Veterans Security Services to looks into the condition and complaints of the employees. But the company keeps ignoring the order. Last year, the company was notified to make some changes; however, the condition remains worse. The workers are not paid on time.”

The negotiation came to an immediate halt when Thiik slapped the 2 men. His security guards quickly de-escalated the situation.

Sources who spoke to Ramciel say the situation which nearly escalates is now normal.

SS was incorporated in 2007 to provide a full range of security services in South Sudan. It provides professionally trained and managed local security guards as well as other security services.


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