Breaking: Evidence Revealed Dr. Riek Machar Celebrated the death of Williams Nyuon Bany

Dr. Riek Machar on the phone from an undisclosed location in South Sudan. 2013. photo credit, BBC.

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Vastly behind an ambitious young handsome man whose hefty demands for an independent South Sudan was beyond a mere search for freedom, are secrets that nobody would wish to be discovered.

It came down to one single movement in the history of [South Sudanese], the death ONE MAN highly esteemed freedom fighter, Cpt. William Nyuon Bany. William was a founding member of the Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army.

The latest pieces of evidence uncovered by Ramciel Broadcasting investigative journalist revealed that Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the current First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan broadly ordered the execution of William Nyuon.

He later celebrated upon hearing the news of Nyuon’s demise.

Cde. Elijah Hon Top the then Phow State Governor was not there when William was killed. But when he had received the news, sources with the knowledge said he was deeply saddened and shocked. He wanted him [William] captured and put in prison.

Ramciel Broadcasting could not verify these claims.

Elijah was acting under the order of his chairman [Dr. Riek Machar Teny] who put so many resources in search of William. William was an outsider who hated Dr. Machar with zeal. He hates Machar for failing to defeat his enemy Dr. John Garang whom he previously parted from his leadership.

He was later convinced after seeing some failures and the change of the name of the movement (SPLM/A-Nasir to SSIM/A) by Machar. After learning that Machar may not amount to anything, William left and rejoined with his former comrade Dr. John Garang, now to a much lower rank.

In a letter that dated back to January 26, 1996, Machar the than Commander-in-Chief and Chairman of the newly formed SSIM/A (South Sudan Independence Movement and Army) cheerfully celebrated the death of Cdr. William by the soldiers under the command of the then Phow Governor, late Cdr. Elijah Hon top.

It reads,

“Our gallant forces at Phow State, under the command of Governor Cdr. Elijah Hon Top, stormed the hideout of renegade William Nyuon Bany and killed William Nyuon Bany on 13 January 1996 at 0230 hours. He was killed at Gul area in a place called Pul Ruac. He was killed with 16 others.”

The precision, description and the tone of the letter quite awarded an already suspicious among many people. Machar was in a celebratory mood. He enjoyed the death of his comrade whom he termed “renegade” meaning traitor.

This is well understood because, Cdr William was previously with him when he declared the removal of late Dr. John Garang, the then Chairman of the SPLM/A of what he labelled as “lack of direction and lost of vision” to fight the Arabs North.

“The fight took only fifteen minutes. The following military equipment was captured from his forces…” Machar elaborated his much evidence to the news.

The astonishing letter mentioned;

  • One 82 mm motor
  • Two 12.7 General Purpose Machine Guns
  • Two RPG-7
  • Nine AKMs

The most riskier mission force was carried out under the command of Capt. Samuel Gai Chuol and 1st Lt. Kuot Dup. The two were responsible for the death of Cdr. William Nyuon but acted under the orders from the higher authorities.

Machar went ahead and wrote the congratulatory message to Cdr. Elijah for what he observed as “brilliant performance” carried out to eradicate the enemy.

The message was copied to four refugee camps in Western Ethiopia: Dimma, Pinyidu, Bongo and Itang.

These were the locations he amassed massive support. Shockingly, none of this refugee camp celebrated the death of William. It was received with mixed reactions.

Below is a copy of the letter presented to Ramciel Broadcasting’s investigative journalist.

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