Breaking: Egyptian Air Force Arrives in Sudan for Military Exercise amid Ethiopia internal conflict

Eygptian military Air might showcase in Sinai Mt.Eygptian military Air might showcase in Sinai Mt.

Egypt sends a massive military air force to Sudan for a joint military exercise, Media news Sudan announced on Thursday morning.

The exercise will last for two weeks with live ammunition involved. The sudden arrangement for this exercise is unknown as the horn of Africa is in for a conflict.

The Egyptian Air Force arrives at Marawi Air Based closer to the border early on Thursday morning.

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Ethiopia is currently at war with itself. The Federal government under Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister, is waging war in the northern part of the country against the TPLF-Tigray People Liberation Front.

Little is known about the continued encounter in that part of the country due to limited telephone and internet disconnection by the Federal government. Many are accusing Abiy of revenge against the TPLF members who have been in power for three decades. This week, Abiy issue an arrest warrant for top Tigrean politicians including the Amb. Seyuom Mesfin, who brokered peace between South Sudan warring faction in 2014.
With the presence of Egypt military in Sudan, the fear is far greater as the two-nation could go to war over the GERD.

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Dr. Abiy has shown no hope of negotiation with the TPLF.

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