Breaking: Collo Community protests President Kiir decision to relocate Makal to Wau Shilluk

Collo community took to the street protesting the relocation of Makal County to Wau ShullukCollo community took to the street protesting the relocation of Makal County to Wau Shulluk

In protest against President of South Sudan, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit and FVP, Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s decision to relocate Makal county, which hosts the Upper Nile State’s capital to Wau Shilluk Wugot, thousands of Collo took to the street on Monday.

The protest breakout early today in the Malakal town because of the decision taken by the President of South Sudan with FVP, Machar.

They accuse both the government and SPLM/A-IO of conspiring to take away their land to Apandang Dinka mostly inhabiting Wau Shilluk.

The community also accuses Upper Nile governor, Abudok Ayang of joining the regime in this decision.

The community demands that President Kiir and his government immediately leave Malakal.

Speaking to the local person who participated in the protest the community wants the president to revoke the decision as soon as possible.

“We are all out here demanding that let the President and his Vice President immediately revoke the decision otherwise, things will not be going as planned. Everyone here is not happy. Everyone including women and children. How can you take away people’s land because they have no one to protect them?”

“The Collo people will unite and do everything in their capacity to protect their land from those wishing to take it by force. This is the mass land stealing in the history of South Sudan. We will not let it happens. Malakal remains the capital of Upper Nile.”

The protesters are determined, according to Deng Ayak, a lead protester, there are no plans to withdraw the people from the street until their demands are met.

“The people of Collo will not accept false promises. People will be here protesting if possible fighting for their right.”

Leading opposition leader of National Democratic Movement-NDM, Dr. Lam Akol Ajwain on Thursday wrote a letter protesting against the decision.

“The capital has always been in Malakal town. When Malakal Municipality was introduced sometime between 2010 and 2012 its capital coexisted with that of Makal County in Malakal town. What is new this time around?

“The capital of Juba County, for example, is still in Juba town despite the presence of the Juba Municipality there. Why should Makal County be an exception? This decision is not based on the Constitution of the Upper Nile State nor the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Lam warned that those making decisions should explain to the general public the legality behind such a decision or otherwise, it will be considered an interest serving certain individuals.

“The procedures for amending these legal documents are clear and have not been followed. The few persons who arrogated to themselves the right to take this decision should inform the public about the legal basis of their action. Otherwise, it will be considered yet another gimmick to serve narrow interests.”

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