Boeing 737 MAX returns to the skies after a long period of grounding

The Boeing 737 Max took off from Miami on Tuesday and landed in New York’s La Guardia airport around 15:44 GMT.

The MAX was banned from commercial serviceĀ  after March 2019 crash of the Ethiopian airlines which killedĀ  346 people on board, shortly after taking off from Bole International Airport.

Similar incident also occurred in Indonesia in 2018 killing the 189 people on board.

Numerous flights were then cancelled by the airlines and the overall take was to ground all the planes.

“I think that what has happened with the MAX has heightened the intensity, for which we all have to be mindful, of safety and security. So from a safety perspective, I can tell you that (at) American, we don’t take delivery of a plane without putting it through its paces, that’s never changed but it’s only heightened our intensity of making sure that what we’re getting is as safe as possible”, American Airlines president, Robert Isom said.

Though the planes return to the skies, many people are skeptical about flying in the Boeing Max 737.

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