Bobi Wine, a victim of unfair playing field

Bobi Wine and President Yoweri Museveni (Courtesy: Reuters and AFP) Bobi Wine and President Yoweri Museveni (Courtesy: Reuters and AFP)

Ngor Khot Garang


The future of this world lies in the hands of organized young people one of whom is Robert Kyagulanyi better known as Bobi Wine. This young man is amazing and his success story is completely exceptional, rare if I can put it in right words. Bobi Wine found himself in one of the iron-fist-led countries in Africa where getting a decent job is a sleigh-of-hand prayer request and having found himself in one of the poorest regions in Uganda was another properly-designed ticket to abject poverty and a lifetime of failure.

As a young man, getting himself out of this circle was a life-and-death combined. Bobi Wine in his youthfulness struggled like an ant with failure as his measure of success and this is to say that failure was his only success, quite ironic. But the young man had a heart like the one of a hungry lion, it is was a die-or-live situation. But why does he have to die when God had given him the chance to live? Bobi Wine was aware that God had done his part and the rest was under his control.

He had to challenge his manhood and go against the tides. But is this going to be possible in a continent where everything smells poverty and even worse a man-made poverty? That was the question but the young man had to find his own way out or he die a useless man or even worse a beggar. He tried everything from charcoal business to chapatti making and when all turned against him, he then decided to become a coiffeur only to realise that he was getting far behind like never before and poverty on the other hand was preparing with its sharp teeth to devour the shrunken young Wine. His heart always beating, were his efforts going to amount to anything? He wondered.

He knew that this world was not a good place for him, perhaps God might have mistaken him for somebody but why does he exist? This was also another tough question. Perhaps he could be that person created and designed by God but why was he feeling like he wasn’t? Bobi Wine had to delve into his humanity to find his hidden gifts. He had thousands of natural gifts and like a divine accident, he found himself in the world of music and though things were still very tough, Bobi Wine held in there until he beat all the odds. The young man had made a lot of money and he is known worldwide. He has seen and visited some of the beautiful places, met or even dined with the world’s greatest people. He had dresses written with his names and young people nicknaming themselves after him. It is a household name in Africa. “Bobi” refers to how quick it is to do something. “Wine” is an alcoholic drink. The meaning is none of my business but these are very beautiful names.

This is what the world calls clean or real success because it is not from public funds or a result of corruption. The young man made it singlehandedly without any external support from anyone or even a backup from a father or an uncle. Bobi Wine is the true definition of a self-made personality, an epitome or a shining example of those who made it from absolutely nothing and climbed social ladders undefeated. He played his winning cards in the midst of extreme poverty and when he was done, the young man went on to share his fortunes with the needy (forgotten youngsters of Uganda). He bought motorcycles for young men in the country to fight unemployment, a problem Uganda’s almost-octogenarian Museveni caused himself and the list of the things did by the young man are endless.

After making money through thick and thin and having his names written on the sand of time, Bobi Wine realized that there was need to go for a bigger family. There was an urgent need to serve and save the people of Uganda who have long suffered in the hands of an aging Museveni. Bobi Wine could be their Messiah and they were prepared to do anything to see him in his dream place as the president of Uganda. When Museveni ascended into power that he arrogantly now use to suppress people and which he had successfully turned into a family business, Bobi Wine was still on his mother’s lap and little did Museveni know that a boy who would later turn out to be his threat was growing at his backyard? Bobi Wine I think, had Museveni known would have been very unlucky and the world would have not known him. Museveni would have killed him and it would have been a story of baby Jesus and King Herod repeated but why must he do that? Museveni had seen the best of this life and he had eaten every kind of food. He had had the pleasure of seeing his grandchildren. Why must he terminate the life of an innocent young man who is starting at life?

I thought Museveni would be happy that God had blessed him with a young man who had the zeal and all the qualities to meet the needs of the people of Uganda. He had been in power for over 30 years and this is too much for a normal human being. It would have been wise for Museveni to put the young man in his shoes and watch him perform his duties in his few remaining years on earth. Africa had over the years raised great young leaders who could change the future of the African continent but none is as strong and powerful as Bobi Wine and Museveni should have been proud and thankful that he had this great young man in his country.

If Museveni truly love Uganda and the people of Uganda as he most times brag about it, he would not have participated in this this year’s election which was said to have been rigged and we are still waiting for the videos of the vote fraud from Bobi Wine. It is true that if the election was free and fair, Bobi Wine would have taken the seat by larger margin. Museveni had been in power for a very long time and he is not God. He is a mortal human being and people of Uganda are tired of seeing him all the time. Bobi is twice his age and he could be his second or even third born son in real life.

If he was a good hearted person, he would have given the young man time to exploit this chance for the greater good of Uganda. He would have acted like a father not a competitor because there is no father on this planet that competes with his child. The desire and happiness of every father is for his son to find his spark and inspire others but it seems like Museveni is against the inclusivity of young people in national affairs. But what will be the future of Africa if 70 years old African continue to lead, mostly people who know how to develop their stomachs? It will take years or more for Africa to recover from its ills but it would be late then. And I am very sorry for Bobi Wine but there is something I like from this young man. Bobi Wine is one of the young people keeping the African hope alive. He could be a replica of Nelson Mandela but Africa’s democracy is still roiling in pain and I fear that hope will die soon. The African leaders want to stay in power until they are dead with little or no work at all and this is why Africa has been mired in poverty for quite a long time without any exit strategy. How many people perish daily in Africa to causes resulting from acute hunger leave alone gun violence?

The land is endowed with natural resources and it has the potential of feeding rest of the world. But African leaders play around with these money and leave their people to die of hunger or sometimes they chase them away from their homes. Every African country have their refugees in different African countries mostly women and children running away for the fear of their lives just for the reason that there is one single human like them who want to secure or maintain a political seat and he must shed blood of thousands to do that. When will Africa have a plan for Africa? The European, Americans and Chinese have greater plans for Africa but what is the position of Africa here? It is sad that the old men have decided to send us to our early graves just because they want to obtain or maintain political seats.

We have seen enough from killing and arbitrary arrest and torture of critiques and the unfair treatment of Bobi Wine by his uncle in the names of Yoweri Museveni is just an addition to all the difficulties and unfair treatments that young people go through in defense of their people from their pot-bellied uncles.

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