Blue House appears in an advert by Uganda Airlines – RB

Blue House, the National Security’s house with untold stories of torture, detention and mostly where activists, oppositions, youths and framed individuals are silenced is now the most visible landmark through which South Sudan is recognized.

To many with bitter memories of the famous security building, it could be a source of trauma.

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After being trolled for representing Juba as a suitcase in travel destinations’ advert, Uganda Airlines yet again made a grave mistake by using a picture of aerial view of Juba City of which Blue House stands tall.

FB IMG 16010553053429132
Photo: Supplied.

Initially, the picture appears as below and

IMG 20200925 WA0008
Photo: apology statement

after apologizing, the company came up with the above picture.

FB IMG 16010398514143785
Juba as a suitcase

Lack of development or a visible landmark is what critics see as the reason of which the country is ‘mocked’ and indeed, South Sudan’s visible architectural work is yet to be seen. Perhaps, companies will have a better representation of Juba or South Sudan in general in the future.

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